The balance of the universe

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  • cptkirk

    You may well be a rare individual who could go around forever doing these things, but this is not the majority of individuals. It is all about greatness. Whether you are one who is creating greatness, or you are one benefiting from greatness. It is everything. Look at the NFL, how many people that are capable of playing at that level do you think could just say, "I love football, I could just play it for fun forever". Not many. Why? because they need to become great, and in their quest for greatness, we are drawn to watch them every sunday. Otherwise, we would not.

    We cannot deny the fact that we are multi-faceted in our phases of consciousness. Sure, we all have one phase that is just happy to be alive, have a beer and play horseshoes. This is only one phase though, and try as we may, we cannot force ourselves to stay in one phase, because it is un-natural. Our phases dictate our desires and actions. Just like the JDUBS are in a phase right now, they are in their mccarthy phase. In time, that phase will end, and a new phase will begin. They will forget the mccarthy phase ever existed, just as most people only give credence to the phase they currently reside in, and in doing so, they lose the ability to see themselves for who they truly are.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Sports- you could be great by suffering the rigors of training and sacrificing so much else. It doesn't have to come at the price of overcoming tragedy.

    In a perfect world, we could still have winners and losers in sports. Losing could be the impetus to make someone sacrifice more days at the beach to train harder.

    You could attain greatness in guitar picking or piano playing without adversity in life. It may be even harder, but there's your impetus.

    I don't disagree with you. We live in a world of adversity. It's great motivation. I just think we could overstate the need for things to overcome in order to live happily (or greatly in some cases).

    A girl grows up with happily married parents in the lily white world. She goes to private school and manages to grow up without being raped and there are no real serious tragedies in her family. Mom and Dad and grandparents are still alive when she gets her doctorate and goes on to do great things. She doesn't choose a field of health to overcome cancer. She chooses some field of science that will examine the universe or the atom or string theory or whatever. She can aspire to greatness despite not having any real problems all her life. She can discover something great that gives her fame.

  • cptkirk

    I am talking about the big picture though, getting back to the real foundation here. all of that stuff you mention is fine and dandy but it's not big picture stuff. it's stuff that takes place once a framework has been implemented and the people then take their places within that framework.

    Have you ever heard the dubs say stuff like "I feel guilty for listening to Mozart because that music was made for babylon" or whatever they say? That is really what I'm trying to get at here, the notion that so much of what we enjoy (and this goes for any thriving country not just us here), was derived from the afore mentioned not so pretty things?

    believe it or not as much as some of you irk me, i respect your intelligences and views, and to me, i'd like to hear what other people have to say on this, people who have been led to believe xyz. where does society go for arguments sake if we are all of the sudden perfect by a god? our entire lives become worship 24/7 ?

  • cptkirk

    want to stress the fact that i'm not looking at this from a moral standpoint. simply a scientific standpoint which sets up the equation and says: here is your impetus for all the greatest things in society, and then on the flip side, god's supposed new world will do away with all of that (or maybe even the infinite agencies on earth now) then what is the scientific equation for what happens next? that is fine, you can go swimming and biking and be with your family, there are 8 billion people on earth though......actually there you go, look at some of these really far out there places where people still live in tribes and wear bamboo on their penis and pull their lips down to their that what we are without the impetus that we have? lol

  • prologos

    CPT CHURCH. ARE WE TALKING ABOUT FANTAZISING what will happen IN THE PARADISE?--- A PARADISE THAT IS AS CERTAIN AS THE TALKING SNAKES AND THE SPARE-RIB CLONED FEMALE? in the real world adversity has brought progress.-- it is the way of evolutionary development.

    -- The Wright brothers invention did not take off until WW1 brought the interest and funding. Rocket science was a hobby until the 40s, then ww2 and the cold one took us to the moon.

    competition is a comparison it works in all fields. Love is languid, but is great for raising kids.

    Legacy is one way to be remembered, so is sexual reproduction =pass on you genes. The other 2 ways to everlasting life: immortality of the soul and resurrection are questionable and out of our control anyway.

    I can see humans always striving for excellence no matter what our life span. . detecting disasters and crimes before they happen.

    --right now I hope they invent S A F E high-energy batteries for Boeing. I already had 2 burned flaming Lithium failures.

  • cptkirk

    ok let me try one more time to really point out the core of what i'm saying (because there are side points) but the main thing is this: many times as we evolve as humans we go through periods of increased evolution (bursts)....there are many factors that contribute, but one factor is in the way we think.

    sometimes we do not realize that we work from a premise (theoretical premise) in our minds of "what if": what if i win the lottery, what if i invent something that changes the world, what if science learns how to stop aging in my life time, we have many what ifs in our mind, and we may not realize it, but they actually shape a good portion of our outlook in general. we think to ourselves based on what if, and we quarterback our lives in a fantasy of what ifs, that actually does effect our mindset, because it gives us deeper vision into life (a way to experience without experiencing).

    in this context, what if we do not realize that we make assumptions, and these assumptions guide a lot more of our conscious mind than we think. what if we were to find ourselves in a "new system" only to realize down the line that all we are is a creation of a god who just wants us to boost his ego? do you know anyone that could live with that? is that moral? is it moral to go along with this just so that you can say "well he gave me this or that so..." what does that make us? users? what if your mother told you to worship her, and you lost all natural feeling for her because she became so bizarre? but you were a kid and said well she makes me food and drives me to school so i guess i'll just do this?

    if we are to love god in a natural way the same way we love our mothers....don't we have to know him to some extent? does this make the entire world of religion intrinsically immoral? i mean the bible even says who can know the mind of god? (in other words nobody can is what it is saying).

    again, it's all theoretical, it's saying "ok i will believe for a minute and see what happens", and works from that premise.

    if you can't know god, yet are required to worship him, is this not innately immoral?

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