The balance of the universe

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  • cptkirk

    I just wanted to put a few minor examples out there of what I was saying about crime (good/bad), balance in the world, and so forth, picking up from the post that I wrote on here a few days ago.

    I want to just also say that I am not condoning crime, nor advocating crime or anything of the sort. I am merely saying let's look at the world, and understand it a little better.

    I was just listening to Megadeth (former JW Dave Mustaine lead singer of course)....I love his music, and I think he is really talented. Imagine if no crime had been committed against Dave though. That is an example. Imagine if he had not been spiritually abused by the witnesses. I really doubt he would have become the legend that he did. Sold millions of concert tickets and albums. Stimulated the economy of the music industry etc.

    What about our country? think about our country in the same way. Imagine if many of the early crimes had not been committed against us. Would we have built the most legendary naval force in world history? Would we have constructed the brilliant legal documents and constitutional documents? I really doubt it. It was crime that stimulated all of this. Crimes against humanity, crimes against a country, and crimes against individuals.

    I know that myself also, if the crimes that had been committed against me were somehow erased, I would not have become what I am (not even close). And this has been good for the economy.

    It is a dangerous notion. Some immature minds will grab a'hold of this notion and then justify their evil actions. I want no part of that. Simply raising the point, what happens when the day comes when all of the afore mentioned crimes cease. Because, this has been much of the driving force, this balance of good and bad, crime and justice, war and peace, etc etc.

    I think that this is really great food for thought, not necessarily looking back at the cause and effect of historical events, but to look forward, to accept for a moment that everything the bible says is true. And then, to ask yourself, what will life look like in the conditions that the bible foretells.

    See, the problem is, many people (most damn near all) think of this new world, this paradise, and it is like the greatest stimulation and euphoria imaginable ....they see their dead loved ones again, no more death or mourning nor outcry, etc etc.

    They think of this, but they fail to think, what happens after that wears off? what happens once you get used to the fact that your dead loved ones are back and that you are healthy? then what? forget about how you feel, think about what you are. think about the point of your life etc.

    all of this criminal impetus has faded. Our purpose? to worship god, that's it. that is all we are. beings that go through the same motions, god throws a new idea out there, let's you learn about it, go worship him, then start it up again.

    This is where the REAL crux of everything begins to illuminate. There is no more free choice. There is nothing except mangifying god. over, and over, and over and over and over and over and over and over....until another satan reveals himself, and then we can start the whole thing up again.

    I could type on this subject for days, but all I ask is that you think about this subject matter with clarity, meaning, get rid and get past all of the euphoric notions of no sickness and life forever, the euphoria has now worn what? what is the impetus that drives your life now? what does life look like once all of this euphoria wears off?

    this is all of course assuming that you accept the conventional premise of the bible.

  • james_woods

    The Cosmic Wibble TSG Cat maintains the balance of the universe by subliminal means, Captain.

  • sd-7

    Well, if such a world as the Paradise Earth were to exist, it would be kind of a dystopia with a dark secret. People who did decide to go the way of Satan would be exterminated and never spoken of again. And no one would even be able to rebel anymore. Eventually, maybe no one would even be able to feel anymore. A dreamlike state would remain over everything and everyone. No variations, nothing new ever done or discovered, eventually there's nothing left to do except...what?

    I don't suppose the victims of crime would agree that this is the better world, though. Not that you said that, Mon Capitaine. I feel like doing a Q voice from 'The Next Generation' now, though. "Pitiful human. You really believe that your savage race will ever rise above petty, animalistic brutality and greed and selfishness?"


    But you know, if you think about it, you're right. How else could we reach deeper into ourselves and find a greater good, if not when we are confronted by a great evil? It tests us and enables us to rethink our worldview and adjust our society to protect the innocent and make things more fair for everyone and at least try to prevent criminals from utterly destroying the fabric of our world. I may be wrong. But I do think you have a point here, Mr. Kirk.


  • james_woods

    Fascinating, SD7.

  • OnTheWayOut

    People can find something good in a bad situation. Still, it might have been better without the bad situation.

    I don't intend to make it sound like you are advocating for the bad either.

    I like to use the following example:

    A guy suffers terribly in the World Trade Center collapse, but doesn't die right away. He's carted to the hospital and eventually dies. While there, his buddy visits often and meets a totally hot nurse. Today, they have kids and careers and yadda yadda yadda.

    Of course the buddy is not happy that these events happened.

    Same with our past. We come out better for our suffering, but that doesn't mean we wish it happened.

    The "what if" scenario isn't really fair to hold against someone. It's just the imagination.

    Even in what you state above, crimes against this country. CRIMES. There's a native American history to the whole thing. The crimes against the U.S. white people were perpetrated on criminals. And don't forget the horrible treatment of slaves that these wonderful brilliant legal documents did not prevent.

    The world possibly would have been better off without crimes against colonial white people. We never know.

    You might have been an awesome person who saw the plight of others if you avoided plight yourself. We never know.

    I do know that the best we can do is rise above our bad situations, help others, keep meeting hot nurses when we have to go to hospitals anyway.

  • EntirelyPossible

    Imagine if Dave Mustaine had not been kicked out of Metallica.....

  • james_woods
    I do know that the best we can do is rise above our bad situations, help others, keep meeting hot nurses when we have to go to hospitals anyway.

    Try to meet hot dancers in bars. Hot nurses in hospitals are only out for your money.

    Don't bet the queen of diamonds - queen of hearts is your best bet.

  • cptkirk

    The point about crimes against the people (natives if you want) whoever didn't come out on the net positive side.....that is something else, that is a different discussion. it's kind of like, (i know how coarse this sounds)....but it's kind of like an alchemist looking for the recipe for making gold, he fails and fails then finally discovers it. The fact that he wasted a shit load of money and resources isn't the concern, the only concern is that he found the recipe for gold. This analogy is disturbing in that we are talking about human life, but strictly looking at this from a scientific standpoint, the crime=the impetus for greatness, whether there is crime that wipes out entire races is beside the point, the impetus is the only point. Take away the crime, now what is your impetus for all of this incredible creation of naval vessels, the internet, highly esteemed documents for governance, etc. What is the impetus that now creates this? see what i'm saying? love? love is actually kind of lazy. what is the impetus? jumping ahead once again, we have now wiped out crime, let's say even god appears and gives us all eternal life, once we are done being excited about not worrying about death or disease or poverty....once that is gone, we are back to business, and the question is, what is business at that time? what is the impetus for greatness now? it isn't crime, so what then? the glory of a being that is greater than we are, who doesn't want to allow us to just be free and yet still have our invulnerabilities? only to magnify a being and be under his strict control every day forever and ever....i think this is the point on the linear line graph, which can tell us a lot about who we are and what has shaped us, as well as what our ultimate shape will be.

  • james_woods

    The Captain of the Enterprise would be well served to speak to these natives in paragraphs.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Who needs naval vessels if we all get along?

    Who needs highly esteemed legal documents for governance if we all got along?

    I mean, I like the blues. It led to rock 'n' roll. But even there, if everyone is happy, we would be okay without sad songs. The music alone might become satisfying without the words when we tire of HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY words. Yeah, we could all enjoy jazz without words.

    While I don't believe in God and everlasting life in paradise, I would be happy in the sun on the beach, hiking in the mountains, climbing trees and camping in the woods forever- mixing it up with skiing, horseback riding, catch and release fishing, bicycling, yadda yadda yadda. If an empetus was removed, so friggin' what? As long as I am happy. Who needs to be great?

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