Manti Te'o - Give the guy a break

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  • Jomavrick

    He's not the only fool to learn that the person he thought was his girlfriend was in fact not real. Here to to Manti, the poster child for Good guys who got suckered,,,,,,

  • james_woods

    The jury is still out on this one - many parts of his story indicate to me that he was likely a willing participant in the fraud.

    And, may I say - if he was NOT in on it - then he must be dumber than a fifty pound box of rocks.

    Maybe he can go on Oprah and explain himself after she gets finished with Lance Armstrong.

  • undercover

    I don't know enough details to cast stones at him... yet, but it is possible to have an online relationship even to the point that he claims. We've mourned the loss of people who posted on this board, even when we never knew them. This is more involved, granted, but I can see it going down the way it was initially reported, and with him not being 'dumb as a box of rocks', just naive and too trusting. He's still a kid, after all, even if he does play football for Notre Dame.

    But time...and investigations...will tell the real truth.

  • james_woods

    My real heartburn with this story is that he reportedly has claimed in the past that the girl actually visited him in Hawaii - which is obviously a fabrication if he did make such a statement.

  • 144001

    If he's a football player who has to fabricate girlfriend stories, let's not allow him to have a gun.

  • Cagefighter

    Ya, I dunno... He's a football player and young. It's possible. This echoes of the scandal with Dirk in Dallas a few years ago remember that one? He was set up from the start with a girl that got his number and acted like she texted the wrong #. It took her 2 years to rope him in with online/text convo. At least her and Dirk actually did the deed and met. I think she was staying with him for a while.

    I know it was hugely embarassing for Dirk and he hid out in Germany for about 3 months. He's a pretty sweet and down to earth guy from what I hear and after 13 years, it's probably truth. My gut says this might have been a set up to cash in on him if he won the Heisman and went pro.

    Women are scandulous these days... I don't trust none of em, not even my momma!

  • mrsjones5

    It's called catfishing. There's a movie and a show about something like this.

    Here's a link to a similar story:

    this is something that happens, lot of sick folks out there - men and women.

  • james_woods

    The latest rumor on this making the rounds is that he made up the girlfriend story to cover up the fact that he is gay.

  • Cagefighter

    If he's gay or not...falls under the category as not my business.

  • james_woods

    Note that I said it is just a rumor - no proof of it whatsoever.

    Supposedly started by some teammate...

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