Manti Te'o - Give the guy a break

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  • undercover

    falls under the category as not my business.

    Technically yea, I guess that's so, but OTOH

    As a public figure... star football player for a team playing for the national championship... then if IF he created this fictitious person in order to either garner sympathy or to deflect criticism or hide a lifestyle even... it becomes a public story, open to speculation and possible ridicule, if he's found to have been lying and deceitful.

    It's no skin off my nose and I don't really care... just celebrity gossip. I never knew who he was until I watched the BCS championship.

  • james_woods

    It is looking more and more like he did it himself:

    Quick notes on the link:

    Looks like this kid created a ficticious GF online. She then died of cancer sometime last year - and he looks like a hero playing football the day after. Now he claims that he was the victim of a hoax - and that she was only an online GF and never met her.....ok, that part could be believable, but what is a bit inconvenient for Mantai is that they used a real girls pic. This girl as a favor to a friend of hers took a pic of herself with some sign/message.

    She didn't think anything about it until months later she sees her pic all over the Internet with captions that she died of cancer and was Mr. Te'o's gf. She contacts the guy who asked her to pose......long story short - this guy is a childhood friend of Mr. Te'o.

  • daringhart13

    A break?

    go back and look at interview from September and October where he explains how they met on the campus of Stanford and she visited Hawaii.

    This kid isn't innocent.

  • james_woods

    An excellent point, daringhart13.

    He is, as they say, busted.

  • daringhart13

    ^^ He sure is James.......

    I'm actually more shocked by the stupidity of Notre Dame and yesterday's press conference.

    Do they not realize we all have Youtube, as well as thousand of other references, that will completely expose what this kid did?????

    So weird!!!

  • kurtbethel

    Come on, it's the online world, where everyone can be a scholar or a stud whether they really are or not. This sort of fakery dates back to 300 baud BBS dialup and Apple ][ computers.

  • Cagefighter

    well if he did make it up that is a big stretch to cover up your love of ding dong. gay or straight if he did this then he suffers from some time of disorder like histornic or borderline personality. he did not profit from it or make anyone lose money so it is a blip on my outrage meter.

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