let's play Dear God

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  • Tater-T
    Dear god, if you are a god as your followers claim you to be, why do you have to operate in the constraints of spacetime?

    Dear god, why did you have to sacrifice yourself to yourself to save your creation that you made with flaws?
    Dear god, why do you not do anything about your old men in robes raping little boys? Do you enjoy the show?

    Dear god, why do you allow so many children to starve to death everyday. Why can't you make it rain, or wiggle your nose and put food on their plates?

    Dear god, why did you create life that must feed off other life? Are you a sadist?

    Dear god, why are so many of your followers incapable of forming their own thoughts and opinions?

    Dear god, why is your book so full of bullshit?

    Dear god, why do you tell your followers that they have "free will" yet you know and I know that you already know every outcome to every 'decision' they make, so therefore if you exist there can be no such thing as free will?

    Dear god, why did you interfere with humans on an almost daily basis in very direct ways, yet as soon as your creation was capable of documenting things with sound and pictures, you only make appearances on toast, water stains and in my poop?

    Dear god, why the need of billions and billions of other galaxies and trillions and trillions of other Stars if we are the only life in your Universe?

    Dear god, why did you make me an atheist?

    OK WEEKlings...

    now it is your turn. Let us see how many Dear god questions we can get in comments. Have some fun with it, be as ridiculous as you can, or as serious as you can
  • cantleave

    Dear God, why did you give me a hairy back and a bald head?

  • Satanus



  • xtreemlyconfused17

    dear god why are some people so many people more beautiful than others? Its unfair!!

  • watson

    Dear God, what did your son Satan see in you that made him want to rebel?

  • xtreemlyconfused17

    dear god why are the body parts coming in pair not equal?? U soooo good in physics, but

  • Tiktaalik

    Dear god, why did you create cancer? Is the agony of a cancerous death a kick for you?

    Dear god, why did you create parasitic stomach worms? Do you like watching humans and other animals being slowly eaten alive?

    Dear god, why did you do malaria? And you went to so much trouble to do it as well! Multi-stage life cycle requiring a number of different host species! That's a lot of effort just so you could enjoy the spectacle of watching millions of humans die agonising deaths.


    Freedom is knowing that a god is not responsible for any of these things. We are to some degree, limited by circumstance, responsible for ourselves. Why rail against a god that you do not believe exists?

    We ask the questions we find the solutions. We take the blame, we take the credit, then we die - Job well done.

    We don’t have a choice, that’s just the way it is.

  • Tiktaalik

    Thanks Gladiator.

    Such an illuminating and satisfying answer to all the above questions.

  • Tater-T

    Dear God why did you create the Dinosaurs and then kill Them with an asteroid?

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