let's play Dear God

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  • dazed but not confused
  • Aware!

    Dear god, why do we have to be unreasonably gullible in order to believe in your existence? And when's the next edition of your book coming out? It's been outdated for millennia.

  • Tater-T

    dear God .. why didn't you get Tebow a starting job this year?

  • unstopableravens

    dear god why do ppl who claim you dont exist,and believe this life is all the time they have,spend time everyday discussing and insulting a being they dont believe in?

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    I would love to believe in Aliens but logically I can't believe in what I can't see or prove exists...Oh....dear.......god.....

  • AGuest

    Dear God... why do people address and look for responses from someone they say they don't believe exists... but call delusional and worse people who address and listen to someone they say they DO believe exists? Of course, you know you don't have to waste your breath and tell ME why, again, though.

    A doulos of your Son and Christ,


  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Dear God... why do people address and look for responses from someone they say they don't believe exists.

  • new22day

    Dear God

    As a kid, you were my invisible friend when friends were hard to find. When I was lonely I cried out to you when those feelings were too hard to share with others. When I was six you helped me find those ugly shoes, the ones I hated but my mom loved so much.

    Then I grew up. I read that book you inspired, but… I didn’t see you there. And there was no place for me in that book. I was just a girl. I didn’t leave you right then, but that book and those stories meant nothing to me.

    Then some bad things happened. Where were you? “You’re needed in aisle 9”, -- but you never showed up.”

    I lost you and I lost myself for a while. I still don’t know what you are, or if you are, and mostly I don’t care. I ignore you. Now if I cry, I cry alone, but there are those times… when I’m alone, in nature, that I think I feel you. Not in a church, not in some scripture, but in a river or a tree, you pass by me. And in those moments I feel you. And I know then, I’m as insignificant as the leaf that falls from the tree and you owe me nothing. You gave me this life, in this world. The rest is up to me.

  • Tater-T
  • LouBelle

    Gladiator - I 100% agree, own up to your life, take control or not, but don't wait on a god to make dreams, jobs, etc come about.

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