Jehovah's Witness Child Molester

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  • free2beme

    My best man at my wedding, twenty years ago, was someone I always trusted. He was a friend for fishing, a friend who remained when I left the religion with my wife 15 years ago and although he was a bit issolated. I kind of trusted him. He had become inactive in the religion and about a year ago he disappears off the face of the planet for a week. As a joke, I mention to my wife that he might have gotten arrested. So I check the local mug shots and sure enough ... my friend is there for molesting a little girl. Apparently ten years ago and all touching and not sex, but it is what it is and in Oregon that is a measure 11 offense.

    Our amazing fast justice system finally got around a month ago to a trial and despite thousands of dollars spent on a lawyer. My former best man got six years, three months in prison. So what does he do, he goes to the elders and confesses and they start to help him. They have arranged for a bible study in the prison, have informed the prison congregation he is coming and been supporting him 100% with attempts to support and help him. Yeah, they are amazing and loving.

    Now the woman (she is 22 now) is someone I know and have known since her birth ran in to me at the mall a couple weeks ago. I asked her how she was doing, and found out she was getting married and happy. We talked for awhile and talked about how much the Jehovah's Witnesses were a cult and glad to be gone. So she brings up my former Bestman and I could tell she was seeing if I was angry with her for reporting it. I mention I had talked to him and felt he was getting what he deserved and hopefully he got some help for his mental issues. I then ask, "So have the elders came to you, checked on you, or made any attempt to reach out to you?" Her answer, "No, not a single one."

    So to those people still in and thinking your elders are so loving, so amazing and just the leader of these flocks of loving people. Here is the big middle finger and a smile, because you are a fool. I will say though, the victim is getting married in four months and I am attending her wedding in a local church and the molester starts his sentence tomorrow where he will join his fellow "Servants of Jehovah" doing six years and three months. Wow, Jehovah works in mysterious ways ... right?

    Enjoy truth.

  • zeb

    He will get mental help inside what will she get? The victims are always left....

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I hope she's gotten therapy on her own, and I'm glad to hear that she's free of the borg. The whole story is just so surreal - hard to believe people can act that way.

  • eyesropen323

    not hard to believe....the same thing is happening to my spouse...wthou giving too much away the elders have not comforted or checked on my pouse to see if they r ok. :( I only found out 6 months ago what happened to them when they were 11 years old. molested by the jw step father...the effen mother stayed with the forward over 30 years. everything was swept under the carpet till i found out. those assholes bettr be afraid to talk to me. and my spouse has unlocked some pent up emotions. the disgusting step father is still allowed to give talks and hve parts in the meetings. we have faded.....and good riddance!!!

  • jemba

    I am so hoping that the investigations into institutional child sex abuse here in Australia uncover some damning evidence against the JWs and the way they deal with these cases.

    I hate this cult and hope all the sex abuse being uncovered is the start of their downfall. I hope more victims come forward and sue their asses.

  • eyesropen323

    we cant sue because of so many years have gone by.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    And what fuss will be made of the perp when he gets in good standing again, pioneering behind bars. what a marvelous god jehovah is, so loving and merciful to have allowed a lost sheep to be found.

    never mind the ones he chased out of the faith.


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    (Facepalm, shaking head)

    Just Lois

  • smiddy

    Sad so very sad


  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    And they still say "Find security, peace and comfort in the organisation" whilst they ignore the facts and ignore victims of abuse. These are sad sad stories but in no way isolated.

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