Have YOU Had a SUPERNATURAL Experience?

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  • still thinking
    still thinking

    LOL wasblind

  • LV101

    oh, wasblind --- funny. Seriously?

  • wasblind

    I know the things I say may sound funny

    but it's the truth. I 'm glad to be able to look back and laugh

    at my experiences in life, and be able to share them

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    There are people who don't believe who become believers, but why? And some who are believers for some reason stop. The human mind is incredibly susceptible to suggestion, and people like Derren Brown and the Amazing Kreskin have convinced many that they are psychics. I love the series, The Mentalist, and as those of you who watch the show know, Patrick Jane, a guy who knows how to manipulate and read people, is the biggest cynic in the show. Conversely, the most open minded person in the show is Red John, Jane's nemesis and a serial killer who murdered Jane's wife and young daughter. One of the threads in the show is how Red John wants Patrick to join him, and he, unlike most serial killers, has a vast and varied following.

    Kreskin once had a little chat with his audience, then he took them outside to look at the night sky. As he spoke, he used a "key" word and, incredibly, the people began seeing flying saucers. And they were so convinced that what they were looking at was real, than one guy took off and was trying to flag down a cop. Kreskin asked these people to describe what they were seeing, and some saw green UFOs, some red, others blue and orange. (You can get many of Kreskin's best episodes for ten bucks from Amazon.com. For the price it's a steal.) He made people think their chairs were red hot, while others couldn't get up. And yet he admits that he has no magic or psychic powers. All he does is manipulate people by suggestion, and some of his critics complain that he a little too slow to admit that he has no psychic powers. He frequently leaves people wondering.

    How much religion is the result of suggestion I don't know. I find it amazing how easy it is for some Muslims to kill members of their own family and friends over a religion they've spent little time thinking about. When people are raised in a superstitious religion that discourages education and fears demons in the dark and steers people away from the scriptures to articles about the scriptures. Members believe that people "sleep" when they die , even though there's substantial evidence that first century Christians believed no such doctrine. So I'm a big believer in James 1:5.

  • LV101

    Cold Steel --- you're making me work here and now I have to pull out the Biblia and see what James 1:5 says. Think I have an idea but need to be sure.

  • LV101

    wasblind --- i think some really wierd things happen but it's just funny the way you tell it.

  • Ucantnome

    When I was young we had a ghost for a while and other supernatural experiences.

    I understand the Jehovah's Witnesses have a lot of stock stories. What do you think of the paranormal? Are you more or less inclined to believe in it if you are a former JW?

    It's something that happened. It caused a big argument with the person who was responsible for it. Eventually they accepted it and things returned to normal.

  • doofdaddy

    Yeah I've had a few. Some I have written about here previous. As to the cause now that is the part that is open to conjecture.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    OK...WasBlind..........You win today's award for the funniest story! hahaha lol

    Just Lois

  • Fernando

    Yes, but I believe they are a part of everyday life and most often not discerned.

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