Have YOU Had a SUPERNATURAL Experience?

by Cold Steel 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Larsinger58

    Are you baiting me?

    Of course, I had a supernatural experience! I became the Christ in 1992.

    Essentially, over a 2-day trance while being hid from the UN agents in a commercial dumpster, I experienced the "war in heaven" which was actually a court case against Satan, and then after the spirit of Christ and I became one, I had an interview with Jehovah himself. Thus I got to see his image. He's black with a natural. Tha is why the Bible says his hair is like fine "wool." Actually, Jehovah is a mixture of all races, or a mixture of the two extremes: half white and half black -- like Barak Obama. Someone half white and half black looks black and still has curly hair often.

    So, experiencing becoming the physical manifestation of Christ at the 2nd coming was an incredible supernatural experience. But many of the details about who Christ would be at the 2nd coming, that is, the identity of the person's body he would use at the 2nd coming since he can't use his original perfect body, which was given in sacrifice, are right there in the Bible, including that he would be black and gay.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    He's black with a natural.

    What d'ya mean "he," pale face?

  • MsD

    I believe it exists. Some people lie about it and others really do tell the truth. Personally I've never experienced anything supernatural but I know people who have and they don't do drugs, lol. I keep an open mind about it as opposed to saying "that shit ain't real". We just don't know!

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Ever watch those paranormal shows on cable?

    One method they use to talk to the spirits is to take several Inova LED flashlights and twist the backs until the light turns on, then they back it off until the light just turns off. You can then shake the light and it will stay off. But these guys put the flashlights on a table or a bed, then ask the spirits questions. And more often than not, the damn things work! Spirits can flash once for no and twice for yes.

    Like I said, I have a number of lights just like the ones they use (I'm a flashaholic). I've prepared my lights like they do theirs and I don't ask questions; I just sit and watch. And they can stay like that until judgment day and not go on and off. They don't even flicker! The camera on the show shows the entire flashlight, so I know someone's not messing with it from the rear. But I can't replicate their results. If I back off on the switch until exact moment the light goes out, it doesn't come back on until I twist it again. So it is impressive.

    I don't recommend that anyone try communicating with spirits, but the light thing is spooky. They now have a device they can use that's a bit more sophisticated. It has a limited vocabulary of words and the results always seem to be intelligent. The thing that amazes me is that these guys believe everything a spirit tells them. These same guys who most likely wouldn't cash my check will believe a spirit pawning itself off as a child trapped by a more powerful spirit who had abused it in mortality. Anyone who believes in a God would be able to figure out that such a scenario is impossible. Once an innocent dies in mortality, it is beyond the other spirit's power forever.

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