Life after WT????

by Gojira_101 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • jam

    Bob I may add, this site will and I say again, it does challenge

    the Bible, it,s not for the weak in faith. From the Genesis

    too Revelation, it will make you stronger or leave you scratching

    your head and wondering what the hell.


    Gojira!!!! Love the name!!! Here is the way I see it, right or wrong. Our all knowing, all loving creator will not write you off because you take a break for a while, especially because of men abusing you in God's name. Just do your best to be a good person. I know JW's say that is not enough, but that is because they are Pharisees and people misled by Pharisees. I don't think God will be angry if you need a break. The GB would disagree, but what do they know, really??

  • zeb

    I read the bible but i need a large print and I have just ordered a large print ESV version from depository its in the UK.

    So I dont have to read 'mental regulating' etc again.

  • Plummet

    For Me I could not... I tried to go back to a religion because it was what I knew and was comfortable with, tried with a few different places. I got involved with a rather large Baptist Church and partially involved in a few christian churches in town. It didn't take me too long but in the end, I couldn't deal with it. Reminded me too much of the JW's.

    I think as a JW we are taught not to believe in different gods, I simply learned to take it one god further...

  • Bob_NC

    Jam, thank you. I also am agnostic, probably closer to atheist in that I no longer claim to know what god is. It might exist in the traditionally accepted form, but if it does it sure has been secretive about itself. I rather doubt the whole business. The writings...people wrote what they believed I suppose.

  • jgnat

    zeb, get an e-reader! You can set the font to whatever size works for you.

  • Gojira_101

    Thank you for the comments. I'm not really looking to any religion because what more can they teach me. I've been reading the bible and just making sure in my own mind what the bible says. Being on here has helped a lot for my healing. I keep trying to get my husband to start posting on here because he has a lot of things the WT did to him and he needs to start healing. I know he needs time too.

    I know one thing, since leaving the WTBT$ we both haven't had the fear like before. It feels so great to be free.

  • whathappened

    At the age go 56, when I left the Kingdom Hall two years ago, I initially felt that god should give me a pass, after having fallen for the Watchtower lies for my whole life and making every important life decision based on them.

    Then someone on this forum brought the book "the Atheist's book of bible stories." After reading that free downloadable book, most of which is available in posts on this site, it was all over for me. I did not see how the bible could be true and therefor how god could be real.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    I think I'm 'over' (and done with) religion.

  • clarity

    Oh yes, much like Plummet, found baptist church much like jw's!


    Funny thing, they think jw's are a cult but fail to see they are

    much the same ..... they are so blindly hung up on 'burning hellfire'

    and 'being caught away in the air to the lord'.. OMG their closed minds

    really surprised me!

    Also found churches very cliquey! Us & them .........all over again!!!

    Thanks ....but no thanks!


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