I miss the in depth topics about WTS false teachings....

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  • Eustace

    The printing company has been spiting out 3 grade material for a long long time.

    If they've been printing thrid grade material for a long time, by now they're at least down to the Kindergarden level.

    Have you seen the "Listen to God" brochure. Un-freaking-believable. They claim their religion is based on the Bible, you know a BOOK, and then they put out a brochure aimed at the illiterate.

  • wasblind

    Dick and Jane

    Dick. this is dick. see dick run

    Jane. this is jane. see Jane run

    spot. this is spot. see spot run_______January 1, 2013 WT Simplified

  • Eustace

    I think the shift from thoughtfull articals to childish ones occured when the Governing Body decided to reach out to unspiritual people.

    I think you're right, alfredjones100. Governing Body 2.0 are the ultimate believers in quantity over quality. We saw in the 2012 Service Report how well that'll work out for them over the long term.

  • wallsofjericho
    Within 24 hours of publishing, an interested party can retrieve a full commentary on the spiritual vomit that the WT posted and the commentary ends up being more exciting than the article.
    I have to wonder if this was a contributing reason for the reduction in pages/larger margins/larger font/reduction in substance (meat). Their writers have to feel like they're in a corner.

    good point

    Satanus - Family. that's it

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