I miss the in depth topics about WTS false teachings....

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  • wallsofjericho

    are we bored with the WTS now? Have we heard it all already?

    Or is the WTS just not printing "deep" articles anymore? Just seems like everything now is about shunning and listening only to the GB.

    I hope they study the Revelation book again. That always opens up great avenues for discussion of insane WTS teachings....

  • BluesBrother

    Not at all bored with it, just do not want to repeat what has been posted before........

    As for the current articles? Yes, they are very basic, dumbed down as if they think that their own flock are stupid...

    Some people say that after the passing of Fred Franz, there is nobody at Brooklyn to write the "deeper" stuff....

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    When all the past WT deep stuff gets proven to be twaddle it makes it a bit difficult for them to do new in depth stuff for us to pick apart, especially as it was all supposed to have already come to it's conclusion and the tribulation and paradise was all supposed to have come within the 20 century. Second time fulfilments of trumpets being blown was hard to swallow and now there just isn't anythng else left.

  • wallsofjericho

    blues, ameilia,

    i agree with you both.

    but at the same time I do feel bored with the WTS. maybe its just me. I just feel like the stuff they're churning out now is so ridiculous that I don't even have the energy to string together an argument against it.

    It seems that if someone is so ignorant to not have their eyes pop out of their heads when they read this stuff, then how could I ever use rational thought to convince them otherwise?

    I can't beleive I am still stuck inside this stupid cult. I guess focus on the fact that none of the JW's in my life me really cares anyway so why should I?

  • daringhart13

    Hey Walls,

    Its because no one pays attention at meetings or studies anyway........they know it. 9/10 JW's couldn't tell you the basics about the religion.....they just know which days to come to the Kingdom Hall.

  • Phizzy

    In the early days of a totalitarian regime there is an enthusiasm for it by many of its subjects, it was true in the USSR and in Hitler's Germany , but eventually the rigid controls, the lack of fulfilled promises and the obvious corruption of the leaders caused a general malaise to set in, where the poor suffering subjects of the regime simply endured, in a weary way, waiting for either the regime to die, or them.

    I see the same weary attitude amongst the R&F JW's, but like the Soviet farm workers waiting by a broken-down tractor for parts that never come, the JW's stand inside a broken religion , waiting for a paradise that will never come.

    A real meaty study book is not something the present writing boys are capable of, they are too busy putting in the mind-control to keep the R&F under the thumb and working away for rhe erstwhile publishing , now Property/Real Estate Corporation.

    Its a shame, it means we have little to lampoon on here , SD7 and others do well, but really the WT has sunk so low that it is beyond parody and satire, it is beyond silly.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Or is the WTS just not printing "deep" articles anymore? Just seems like everything now is about shunning and listening only to the GB.

    You are so right. . . . . There is no depth to the articles anymore. Take the Feb 15th issue on Moses:


    It's like reading the Bible Story book. No meat. Elementary level writing. (Think "Highlights" Magazine".)

    I explained to my wife that Fred Franz was the most educated member, who was likely responsible for most of the older in depth articles, and he's dead. I doubt any of the present "clergy" have any formal "higher" education. (Of course if they have read the Awake! Magazine for decades, and that is equivalent, ya know.) But maybe that is better for them this way if you consider that Franz' deeper stuff is what they are trying to dig out from now. I said, all I hear is "Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed."

    SHE added, yeah listen and obey the Governing Body. (OMG! Do I sense a little flicker of light?)


  • james_woods

    Freddy Franz may have been educated (exactly how high a quality of education is up for debate) - but it should never be forgotten that he was also completely shit crazy.

    It is possible that with the new emphasis on rule by committee (instead of virtual dictatorship) they just cannot get anything so bizarre (and therefore interesting - in a sort of theological train-wreck sense) past the dumbing-down process these days.

  • daringhart13

    ^^^ I agree.

    Furthermore,....the WT always struggles when there isn't some terrible disaster or tragic war to feed off of...... without a third world war, they are lost......

  • james_woods

    True, daringheart - in the old days they would have had some articles explaining how the Iraq war was prophecied in Daniel or some such.

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