Is this what I have to look forward to when I get old?

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  • jam

    While sitting in the lounge at the retirement center Edna

    and Ethel were talking about old times. Edna asked, "Ethel,

    when you and George were young did you have mutual

    orgasm? Ethel thought a while and responded seriously,

    "No, I think we had State Farm".

  • Vanderhoven7

    Here is a classic gerontology joke

    Man's first visit with a new doctor

    Dr: So when did your father die?

    Patient: Who said my father died? He's 68 and runs the Boston Marathon every year.

    Dr: Oh, sorry. So when did your grandfather die?

    Patient: Who said my grandfather died? He's 89 and plays rugby every second night and presses 250 lbs at the gym.

    Dr: Oh, my mistake...So when did your great grandfather die?

    Patient: Who said my great grandfather died? He's 108 and he just got married last week.

    Dr: 108...that's amazing! Why in the world did he want to get married?

    Patient: Who said he wanted to get married?

  • 00DAD

    There's always the alternative.

  • jgnat

    AND don't get me started on Menopause!

  • ShirleyW

    Ditto Jgnat !!

  • SunnyDays

    It's no better for you men - on geriatrics, we often would do the old gents a favor by pouring a kettle of warm water into the toilet before they would use it.....gravity isn't any friendlier to the gents!

    (Hopefully don't have to explain this further..)

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Ditto here too

    I thought delivering children was a curse. (i.e. birth pains)

    Menopause is a curse times many years.

    Not Fair!

  • jam

    My mom was going thru Menopause and she thought

    she was pregnant, she was in her 60,s. All the kids were

    shocked. At that time the youngest , 35 years old. What a

    relief when we found out it menopause. Dad was really happy.LOL

  • smiddy

    Way back when my wife first started getting hot flushes ,I thought great , I`ts going to be "WOW " tonight ! , silly me .


  • jam


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