1/15 WT- Guilt, Guilt, and More Guilt ! Black & White Cult Reasoning !

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  • reds

    It is absolutely wonderful to sleep in, have breakfast & read the Sunday paper without the guilt or having to get dressed and leave home to hear the same old info over and over again.I wish all this freedom from guilt could be experienced by those in my family that are still in.

  • flipper

    BILLY the EX-BETHELITE- Exactly. Due to the WT Society's constant nagging and meddling in young people's lives - young people aRE leaving the organization in droves. Makes me happy more young folks are leaving.

    REDS- I hear what you're saying. I wish my JW family that still attends didn't have fear and guilt within them either - but a part of them is terrified of ever leaving. My older siblings and older parents have too much invested ( they think ) to stop attending at this stage of their lives. I'm like you - I love having my Saturdays & Sundays to sleep in now ! It's great ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Wonderment

    The way I see it, if someone is going to make me feel guilty for the way I use my time, I'd say this:

    If you don't help me pay my bills, shut the f*** up!

    It's easy for WT writers come up with all these "godly" suggestions, but some of them have no idea what it is to live in the real world. We have to pay the rent, buy food, pay car expenses, clothing, and all the other little things we can't do without in the real world, like paying a phone bill, and feminine napkins for the ladies. Some of the WT leaders live in their own bubble, where everything is served to them in a golden platter. No wonder many of them live past their nineties, where the rest of us mortals are lucky if we hit 70's.

    Wait, I forgot the WTBTS have to pay their bills too. And it is the millions of naive zombies all-ready to answer the Saturday call (Read: "shills"), that makes it all possible for them to greatly sustain their already generous coffers... while we struggle to buy underwear and toothpaste.

  • flipper

    WONDERMENT- Exactly, I agree with everything you say. WT leaders and higher ups live in a fantasy world where all their needs and whims are provided for by the WT Society. It's disgusting of them to pump out counsel deriding rank & file JW's for trying to survive while they sit on easy street. Just a bunch of corporate big shot bastards is all they really are. And criminal bastards at that. Peace out, mr. Flipper

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