Could the angel be Jesus @ new watchtower Earthly organizational sheet

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  • Gorbatchov

    Questions raised in some topics about the absence of Jesus in the new watchtower / Gods "Earthly" organizational sheet.

    The illustration shows an angel, who could be Jesus. In a Watchtower article from 2010 I found a Jesus who looks

    similar to the angel in the organizational sheet. The beard, hear and face are the same. Only the crown is missing.

    Maybe this has something to do with future "new light", that Jesus is not appointed yet. But all we can do is guessing!

    And that's strange. Normally an illustration clarrifies, has the intention to explain, and this illustration leads to guessing.

    Maybe intended, otherwise I declare the illustration unsuccesful.


    Jesus @ 2010 Watchtower:

    Maybe Jesus? @ 2013 Watchtower:

  • EdenOne

    If indeed the front angel is Jesus, then who is the other angel prominently depicted behind him? Michael, the archangel? This would also require a change in the teaching, because so far, Michael has been identified with Jesus, although many scholars outside the WTS disagree with this view.


  • alanv

    Hi Gorby, good find. We will just have to wait and see rather than lots of speculating. It would certainly be interesting if that first angel turns out to be Jesus. I agree with you though,apart from that point, the picture tells us nothing we didn't already know.

  • cantleave

    JW Jesus in heaven always looks so angry!

  • alanv

    Hey cantleave, dont think you would be smiling much if your dad had just told you to kill 7 billion people lol

  • nowwhat?

    i'm pretty sure those are angels flying in mid heaven directing the work not jesus


    We will see what happens. In my mind there is no way that is Jesus. I say that because of the timing of the picture. The GB/FDS are appointed over the domestics ( according to the new light ) therefore Christ must have been enthroned as King. Jesus is always pictured with a crown when he is King. It cannot be Jesus unless they are introducing a new idea..... I hope they are because it will back-fire on them.

  • wasblind

    If that angel in the 2013 WT is Jesus,

    the WTS would have to explain another reason for Satan bein' cast out in 1914

    if jesus was not yet appointed in the heavens

    Who wanna bet the WTS is usin' this site to get ideas


  • wasblind

    It looks as if the WTS have boxed themselves into another corner in this latest pic

    they have to explain either way why jesus isn't in the pic, or why is he in the pic

    and no crown

    and the last question will only lead to more questions


  • Gorbatchov

    Let's see what will happen the next months / years.

    Our problem is that the WTS has all the time of the world. I think they have made a 20 year plan for the future.

    Because all the big company's have these plans for change.

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