reinstatement tries

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  • AuntConnie

    Every congregation has a different "body of elders" each is different, you could send five letters to my kingdom hall and they would head straight for the super shredder. Drive fifteen miles and their "body of elders" could accept your letter with "one" or "two tries". Super Righteousness Kingdom Halls are going to test your endurance and humility, Moses waited forty years to get back into the Congregation of Isreal, be patient and keep you head up!

    On a serious note, adultry under the "old school thought" was a minimum of two years, others felt five years was justice. Who is denying your letters to get back in, no letters came past me over the last three years although I enjoy when you beg and plead and rub the dirt off my high heels with tears.

  • mamochan13

    well said, Aunt Connie. The elders shredded every one of my letters, and I was forced to play the two congregation game -

    Elder body #2 "we aren't responsible cuz she moved, so ask elder body #1".

    Elder body #1 "sorry, she's moved and not in our territory."

    Elder body #2 "no, you have to do it. WE don't know anything about how horrible she was while she was in your congregation."

    Elder body #1 "we really want nothing to do with this. She disrespected us, but she lives in your territory and we have no jurisdiction. Leave us alone. We're busy."

    Elder body #2 "well, we are on vacation, talk to us later"

    On and on and on.

  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet

    Reinstatement guidelines:

    1. Throw a big party to celebrate that you're finally out of the cult.

    2. Never go back.

    3. Live a long and healthy life on your own terms, not those of a mind-sucking cult.

  • jemba

    I confessed to sex with an unbaptised publisher on numerous occasions. We had set a date for our Wedding. The JC said that if I went ahead and married him I would be DF.

    They certainly do make up rules to suit themselves.

    It took 2 years and a wedding with not one family member from either side or JW friend in attendance to get re-instated.

    It has definitely shown me how conditional the love is in that cult.

    Cant believe I ended up going back out of fear of armaggedon and wanting to see my Family again.

    The elders that DF and our parents who said it wouldnt last can all go get stuffed, we have been happily married for 19 years most of that without the 'troof' or 'Jeehooba' in our marraige.

  • Weana

    those elders are just doing what they were told by GB: see ks-10 11:3 and w 83 3/15 p.29

  • Balaamsass

    Well she needs to consider that those elders may have done her an eternal favor by kicking her out of a cult.

  • tijkmo

    omg..i thought i was the only one this happened to..

    10 years on i would gladly still not piss on them if they were on fire

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