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  • Braehead


    Nice to meet you all. Long time lurker, but now I can get my twopenneth in.

    A brief history.

    Born into the religion, but it never really took hold - thankful for an easily bored mind and strong, worldly grandparents.

    Never very interested - dragged from meeting to field service. In the teenage years I wanted university and my parents want a pioneer. It all went downhill from there.

    Married early to escape, divorced, then re-married. Then the urge to find out who was right took hold. I needed to find my truth. I thank my wife for that.

    The whole JW thing is a complete lie - from beginning to end. A farce - so obvious to everyone on the outside.

    If Orwells book, 1984, described a religion, it would be the Jehovahs Witnesses. The difference is telescreen would be your own conscience.

    But, I have been very lucky; time heals.

    My parents never disassociated me. My love for my parents is only now matched with their love for me and my family. When together, religion related issues are never brought up and everyone is happy. But it is so sad to watch them on the eternal "you must do more" treadmill. Every spare minute in personal study, field service, elders meetings, bookstudy, meetings.

    I am just so revulsed that such wonderful, loving people can be ensnared, for over 50 years, by this hateful belief system. They were caught by a missionary when my father was in the armed forces in the 1960's. They were newly married, homesick, young, niave and they needed a bit of empathy and support - it came with a life sentence.

    They are beyond contempt.

    On that note - glad to be here.


  • unstopableravens

    welcome: eager to hear more from you!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse


  • BlindersOff1


  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition


    If Orwells book, 1984, described a religion, it would be the Jehovahs Witnesses.

    It's amazing how many people see the similarities between that book and the WT/JWs. Animal Farm too.

  • nugget

    welcome to the board.

  • MsD

    It's a good thing that your parents are still there for you! You never know they may change their mind in the future. Don't lost hope!

  • breakfast of champions
  • 2+2=5

    Welcome Braehead.

    I know what you mean about seeing your family on the eternal 'you must do more' treadmill. I get so sick of hearing my family talk about how they need to do this and they should be doing that..... and I need to hang in so my kids can make it through the big A. My granny bought a new appliance and she said it should last her till Armageddon.... not that it should see out the rest of her life. She has still not considered the fact that she will die in 'this system'. Racked with fear and guilt like the rest of my JW family.

    Anyways welcome aboard. Seems to be a lot of new members here lately. More growth then the WTS.

  • LongHairGal


    Welcome to the forum. You were fortunate you had "worldly" grandparents to mitigate the damage this religion could have done to you.

    You are so right that for a "little bit of comfort" it turned out to be a life sentence. Sadly, many on this board can attest to that. What a hefty price to pay! But, we are all glad the religion is behind us!

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