Commenting at the Meetings

by nolongerconfused 35 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • tornapart

    I remember one answer I gave a few months ago... it was all about the Bereans and how they didn't just accept Paul's word but they studied the scriptures to make sure what he was saying was true. Think it was only my hubby that twigged what I was saying though, but it made me feel good.

  • BluesBrother

    I still attend some Sundays, to help my wife and to keep us together...........However I could not comment. It would be like contributing to a cause that I passionately disagree with..Even the songs would stick in my throat if I tried to sing.

    So, I park my butt on the chair, exchange small talk with the locals and mentally drift somewhere else during the meeting. If I felt that I had to be seen to comment, I would just pick a cited scripture and talk about it

  • nolongerconfused

    All I do during the whole meeting is read the Bible...I read the whole book of 1 Corinthians in 1 meeting lol


    That's what I do! I get weird looks because I am always hi-lighting verses. It is the only way that I can keep what sanity i have left....

  • redvip2000

    It's truly amazing that elders get to decide who can comment and who can't. So much for an open forum.

    I remember one meeting before i left, where this woman who was visiting raised her hand perhaps about a dozen times during the Watchtower study and the conductor never picked her. Finally at the end of the meeting, right before the song, she yelled at the elder who leading the study right from her seat, saying that it was disgraceful that she purposely didn't get picked. The look on the elder's face was priceless. He apologized under his breath and moved right along.

    I don't think she was a JW, probably just someone who was visiting and could see the answer on the paragraph ( who can't?) and decided to give it a shot.

  • piztjw

    I know I no longer comment because even IF I were to flap my hand up in the air no one would call my name anyway. I got "counseled" about my comments being too pointed. I was told some didn't feel comfortable with my comments because it sounded like I was being judgemental. Well excuse me! I guess they would have censored Jesus for calling the religious leaders of his day in effect sons-of-snakes! Not that I am comparing myself to Jesus of course. I'm just a cowboy with a love of God.

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