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  • nolongerconfused

    so I'm still going to the spouse is still very much active...however, after I learned TTABTT...I feel like such a hypocrite in reciting (commenting) the WT writings and teachings at the your own did you handle this situation?...and if you did comment, what did you say?...I still go out to service, however, I only use the Bible and do not distribute WT far nobody has said anything lol...


  • tornapart

    Hi nlc.. I still go and found the same as you. I never answer up now. I'd never liked it anyway and would often skip it. I just gradually stopped answering. Nobody even notices. I miss lots of meetings too now and nobody says anything. Maybe they would if I stopped altogether so I do what I can get away with.

    While I was still commenting I just used the bible.. like read a verse or two.

  • LostGeneration

    Stop putting your hand up

    Problem solved

  • SophieG

    LOL at LostGeneration!

    I used to work very hard at participating at the meetings, trying to make my answers meaningful and worthwhile. But as I started waking up, I stopped commenting and started LISTENING to what other folks said and the things I heard made we wake up faster. My last comment I recall clearly, because it was about jealousy…targeted directly at a clique in the hall. I never got called on again! LOL!

    Commenting in my POV is JW peer pressure because if you don’t make an effort you are considered weak. It’s ok…you can let that one go.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Commenting in my POV is JW peer pressure because if you don’t make an effort you are considered weak

    Ah yes, one of the many made up rules to measure spirituality. I remember the most duplicitious dubs would be at the meeting with a huge grin on their face and their hand contantly up. They usually avoided trouble with the local elders because they appeared to be so strong in "the truth"

  • jgnat

    My poor hubby despaired at ever being called to comment and I did the odds for him. Fifty people at the meeting. A dozen verses. Most people WON'T be called at all during the meeting. Don't put up your hand. My bet is no-one will notice.

    I did see a single parent (or spouse of an "unbelieving mate" perhaps) blatantly ignored by the platform. Both her children, on either side, were called to give their oh-so-cute answers, but she was ignored.

  • sd-7

    I'm not sure, to be honest. I think I placed one Awake! after I'd found what was really going on, but as for commenting, I can't remember. By then, I was mailing it in--showing up halfway through the meetings, that sort of thing. People probably started getting suspicious of me long before things went south. Commenting is clearly a peer pressure thing. There was always someone who would say to me, "I didn't hear your comment today." My demonstration at each meeting that I had a 5th grade reading comprehension level was truly my spiritual life-preserver...


  • notjustyet

    I have an idea, win win,..

    Start practising you best monotone Robot Voice and get it to the point where it is slightly discernable where you sound more like a human with just a hint of a robotic voice. Then when you comment you can share your comment in that vasi robot human voice to show that anoyone participating in this is just basically a robot. lol

    You could start EVERY comment off as "The correct answer, as taken verbatim from this article is,......."



    Just tell the Elders 3 things, preferably in a letter.

    1) The Governing Body is not infallible

    2) The Watchtower is not infallible

    3) You trust Christ Jesus more than you will ever trust men. In fact, your trust in men is conditional. ( that is the key word )

    After that you probably won't have privliges, so you won't have to worry about it. They won't want to hear what you have to say anyway. Plus, you will be on record telling the truth for all to see, especially Christ Jesus.

  • Ding

    Stop commenting altogether and see what happens.

    It will be liberating if you can reach the point where you don't care what other people think.

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