Do you think the WTS is about to change the doctrine about 1914? If so, what are the signs that is under way?

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  • steve2

    No the 1914 doctrine will not change.

    The JWs will milk for all it's worth the "wordly" centennial observances of 1914 and the JWs' literature will loudly declare, "We alone foretold the significance of 1914".

    In so doing, they will do what they are unequalled experts at doing: L eave out the significantly embarrassing bits and make it seem like "truth in action".

    It's all Impression Management.

    We will watch from the side-lines astonished - and frustrated? - that the rank and file and "newly-interested-ones" assert how much closer we are to the end.

  • frankiespeakin

    Yes they will eventually drop 1914 but before they do they will have some praise for 1914 as a focal point for the religion and then slowly let it fade from any importance to where it becomes a non issue, just like 1799, 1874, became a non issue through lack of reminders in the publications and a moving on with new dates being promoted.

  • Bob_NC

    Here is an idea, and I hope someone at Headquarters is reading. This will help. The WT will find a Biblical account that ties to the typical fullfillment year 1914. The Biblical account also includes a waiting period from the typical year 1914 to its grand anti-typical Jubilee. Some sort of restoration prophecy that can be used to count from 1914 to (40 [typical]years x 3 1/2 times) = 2054, for example. It has always been laid out in the Bible to be understood at Jehovah's appointed time.

    In my best Fred Franz voice..."And Jehovah God...the grand time keeper has...uh...commissioned the anointed remnant since that pivotal year 19 hundred and 14, to reveal truths at the appointed time and not a day before. And so dear brothers, Jehovah God has before us the anti-typical fullfillment of the first phase of a never-to-be-repeated warning to all mankind....that...uh....Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God has been ruling since 1914 and CONTINUES to rule over the spiritual paradise and all his domestics...that is...well...ALL the Branches of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and all the duly appointed Branch Overseers. And we WELCOME the year 2054 and all that it promises to bring with the same conviction that we welcomed the year 19 hundred and 14!!!"

  • mP


    Originally Russell's chronology had the end of the 6,000 years in 1874. Then there was a 100 year discrepancy discovered in the time period of the Judges. That brought the conclusion up to 1974 -- adjust one year for no "0" year in the calendar (Oops! How'd we miss that?) and you arrive @ 1975.


    My point exactly, and look how well that worked out. If 1975 or 74 worked why not rinse and repeat for 1914.

  • Sulla

    The reason they can't do it, mP, is because such a move would mean that they were not selected from among all churches in 1919 to be the One Church. You need to understand the internal logic of the JW mind, which owrks in its own amazing way.

  • Phizzy

    "logic" and "JW mind" , an oxymoron surely.

  • mP


    The reason they can't do it, mP , is because such a move would mean that they were not selected from among all churches in 1919 to be the One Church. You need to understand the internal logic of the JW mind, which owrks in its own amazing way.


    The selection by Jehovah can still happen in 1919 they just call it 1819 since christ birth now. as far as i know there is no scripture that they have twisted that computes to 1919 or 1914 +5, they just made up that date because its well convenient.

  • Vienna Angelika
    Vienna Angelika

    They probably are going to try at some point. but for now its really hard because the house of cards would come tumbling down if they didnt find something else to support their doctrines on. The could also just fade it out by just refering to it less, but they seem to still be gung ho on the date for now.

  • frankiespeakin

    They will eventually attempt to distance themselves from 1914 when it is obvious they can no longer hold on to it. I suppose they have a couple of years left perhaps 2015 should see a definate move to forget that date though a series of special talks and publications with hints of some new date, and eventually a discarding of 1914 and no more mentioning of it like they did with 1925 and other dates.

    Expect an effort to be made in the future and even now as a plan "b" or "c" will be forth comming for a failed false hope plan "a"(1914+generation=armageddon).

    It is a corporation so it has to have a business plan, which depends on some slow thinking, slow reaction time, and a shared delusion of some old and indoctrinated men called the Governing Body dictators.

  • steve2

    Just as the Adventists groups distanced themselves from "the great disappointment" when 1844 did not bring the end, so too the Witnesses will distance themselves from 1914.

    Of course, they'll continue to officially "believe" it, but with perfected scriptural gymnastics, they'll shamelessly explain why the end has not yet come.

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