Do you think the WTS is about to change the doctrine about 1914? If so, what are the signs that is under way?

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  • moshe

    They only have a few months to change their doctrine, before the big 100th anniversary party starts!!

  • Finkelstein

    A religious organization that stated by themselves that they alone have true bible interpretation and has been chosen by god to publicly distribute those

    bible truths. The WT publishing organization fell into its own diverse commercialization of its products by continuously propagating that mankind

    is living in the last days of this system of things.

    1914 was a focal foundational point of this doctrine that was subsequently utilized for more than a century.

    Being that nothing has happened in accordance to these proclamations, the WTS. has put itself in a difficult position as toward supporting

    a semblance of viability which they have created and built around itself.

  • goodsoul

    I think they will not do, at least not soon. If they will change it, they will need to rewrite whole their Revelation book, as well as their Isaiah and Daniel prophecy interpretations. That's not a matter of few years. It is not a problem for them to claim in 2014:"Look, Jehovah is so patient - gave to humanity 100 years for repentance and still waiting for sincere people, that are coming to his org. Can we follow him and proceed to do more to help people during these last hours of these last days of these last days of these last years of this wicked system!"

  • inbetween

    Where I live, I see lots of attetion from media given to 100th anniversary of 1914, with lots of documentaries in TV, or magazins, books etc..

    Mostly they will agree, what big chances 1914 brought for people back then, with influence even to our time.

    All this actually will be used by the WTS to support their stance regarding the outstanding year 1914, and will probably stress how history proofs the bible, or at least their interpretation of the bible, which in turn proofs, that they are the one and only true religion. Russel and friends foretold 1914 right ? Doenst matter what he exactly foretold, but he mentioned the magic date 1914, therefore he was almost insipired, even though not anymore the FDS.

    Will they drop 1914 ? Yes, eventually, but not in the next couple of years....maybe decades...


    I think that if there was any way to do it, we would have figured it out by now. Unless we are grossly mistaken about the intelligence level of the WT leaders and legal dept. They can make less mention of it for a decade or so until it is forgotten by most. I really don't see how they can get rid of it outright.

    They have fallen into a trap. They were haughty, all of them, thinking they had all the answers. The passage of time has proven otherwise. Like anyone else, the longer the lie continues, the farther the fall back down to reality. They will never willingly admit their mistakes, not really. We may see a half-hearted " apology " where no real responsibility is taken, but we won't see anything sincere.

    1914 is a problem because it is their proof that they have God's backing. There is a saying that applies to individuals, but it's fun to apply it to the WTBTS. The saying is " If I had known that I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself . " They have been under an operation of error since the beginning. They believed the lie, that is an untruth, whether it was intentional or not who can say? They never really thought that things would go on for this long, or they would have never printed millions of copies of damning evidence for future generations.

  • sd-7

    Absolutely not. It is a core tenet, on the same level as getting baptized or going out in field service. It will not be changed anytime during our lifetimes.

    If they ever did, there would be a gradual buildup to that, similar to how they laid the foundation for the new 'faithful slave' teaching by changing other doctrines that were related.


  • Phizzy

    I disagree, it may be a fundamental teaching for them, and linking the "choosing by Jesus as FDS" crap to it ,1918/9, is fundamental too. But what I forsee is a distancing themselves from its significance.

    The old claims that by jiggery pokery with numbers and days for years and coupling that to some small prophecy in Daniel that gives its own fulfillment, in other words the 2500days/years, is so full of holes that a 5 year old can see through it, 607BCE is the one year in history where nothing happened.

    What they will simply do is major on Jesus' words in Matt 24 and say we are defiantely in the time of the end, WW1 was the start of that time, and we must keep busy busy busy working for nothing to keep the $$$ and £££ etc rolling in.

    The signs have been there for ages, from when they relegated any explanation of the 607 to 1914 joke to an Appendix in their primary book for "studying" with the public, the ironically titled "What does the Bible really teach ?" book. (Which then proceeds for hundreds of pages to expound thoughts not found in the Bible).

    1914 will only remain as the start of the End Time, with no furher proof than WW1, as time goes on they have room to distance themselves from that in a way, "Noo Lite shows this was only the"beginning of pangs of distress"......"

    1914 will fade from the JW's memories as did 1799 ,1874 & 1925, but they will still be kept hard at it, like mice in a wheel.

  • AnnOMaly

    moshe, I love that image generator!

  • LostGeneration


    Wasn't there a recent study WT where they mentioned 1914 like twelve times?!?!?!?!?!?

    Doctrine doesn't matter in cults.

  • james_woods

    Well, it is all a guessing game at best (for us on the outside of the secret writing committee and governing body)...

    But I think it will eventually have to be dropped because it makes no sense to say the end is imminent to an event that occurred over 100 years ago.

    I speculate that they will eventually (sometime after 2014) just stop mentioning this date in the literature - rather than denying it in print.

    This is what seems to have been done with the long-held idea of the 7,000 year old creative days.

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