Who would you most like to meet from this board and why?

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  • freeinmichigan

    My husband and I would like to meet Flipper...he seems really cool...would love to meet up on one of his get togethers sometime. On the way out seems like a really cool guy too....

  • cantleave

    Unstop - I would love to meet you, but I would I would infect you with my Satanic thinking, and I would insist on wearing my Packers T shirt!

  • unstopableravens

    cant leave: dude we would not have to talk about jesus,dawkins, we could just drink a few cold ones! and watch the ravens win the superbowl woodson can watch the superbowl with us lol

  • cantleave

    we could just drink a few cold ones!

    Now you're talking

  • unstopableravens

    thats to much head on those,its like half empty lol

  • ShirleyW

    I've spoken to quite a few folks here on the phone, even spoke to Snowbird a month or so ago. The only person I've actually got to meet was Shelby about two months ago,

  • DaCheech

    beks, and newchapter and friends:

    I may disagree with you, but I would give you a human hug

  • bigmac

    can i get to meet jehovah? i think hes been mentioned here a few times. i bet hes got a few stories to tell-----

  • mouthy

    jamiebowersThanks for a mention of me ...I have met many already .Love everyone of you.
    If I met you or not!!!!

    I consider you ALL my "kids"

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Cantleave and unstop...because they've got beer...


    Just ron

    finally awake

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