Homeschooling VS public/private schooling

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  • MrFreeze

    I went to grade school and was homeschooled from then on up. Looking back on it I wish I had gone to high school.

    At the time I didn't mind it because I could get up when I wanted and stay up as late as I wanted. As long as I got my work done by the end of the year I was free to do my own thing. My mom pretty much left it to the books to teach me. Guess it kind of helps that I was pretty smart so I picked up things quickly.

    I'm not against it. I think it works best for some kids. For other kids, I think they need to go to public/private school.

  • maninthemiddle

    I was home schooled (HS) by my JW parents, just left to finish the work without help.

    i took the easiest classes (Armageddon was coming soon) just to finish. I am all the worse off for it now, and regret it daily.

    Some parents are up to the task, sounds like JeffT's wife is doing a great job, but I feel people like that are few and far between.

  • Balaamsass

    Depends on the situation. Few parents seem qualified however. It may also leave the student without normal social skills.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    What would have happened to me and other born-ins without public schools and accredited private schools? Perhaps I would have an Amish type education. The Ivy League will be a very tough place to be for anyone home schooled for religious or political reasons. I suppose it depends on the individual students and circumstances.

    My parents could have never have taught me beyond sixth grade. They were born-in. My parents came off as educated for Witnesses but college grads with teaching credits they were not.

    I would have simply died without school as a haven. Between my father and the Witnesses, my private life was hell. My school friends and teachers kept me together. School was a sacred temple to me. I would have been raped. No fooling.

    My public education was not good. Law school of one of my few options. Nevertheless, it was better than home. I would not know about evolution, math, history, French, or music. Social skills are so important in life. We had serious race riots in school and in the city. A benefit of the trauma was that we learned to respect each other. We comforted each other.

    With home schooling, what gossip will girls discuss? No, I will take the riots and the burden of teaching myself percentages to take the LSATS. I should write an essay about how public schooling saved my life.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Also, we qualified for antipoverty funding. Colleges came to recruit us. They took us on trips to visit elite campuses. I saw the ballet, plays, opera, and ballet through public school. We had a French teacher who was a Fulbright Scholar. He took us the Cloisters Museum in NY after spending weeks teaching us Romanesque and Gothic architecture. He had great difficulty making us leave. I saw the Stravinsky Festival at Lincoln Center. The choir sang with wife beater t-shirts on and sunglasses. The audience was violent in exalation and then the costume designer was called. I will never get over the booing.

    Public school has served as a partial brake on class structure in America.

    If I were homeschooled, I would never had African-American, Jewish, or Latino friends or teachers.

    I would prob. get 300 on the SATS.

    There was a host of medical services through the schools. What parent has so many skills to teach?

    Public school makes us adaptable. It makes us good citizens. This is strange b/c I still tear up about the wreck my education was. Well, I have a huge item to add to my gratitude list.

    I would home school my kids before sending them into a school where knives and guns were found as students entered. Both sets of parents worked to keep the school closed until a solution was reached. This was heresy to my father. Children must obey their parents. I was driven to the school after the police declared a riot. The vice-principal and the police were searching every student entering. Only about 30 students came to school. My parents said a huge, violent struggle over a knife when the boy in front of me entered. They pulled away, leaving me shaking with immense fear. One of my teachers screamed at me what was I doing at school? I said it was not my fault. I had no choice. He consoled me.

    Hey, I may not be adept at math or science but I do have street smarts. A very important skill when you live in NY/

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    we homeschooled our kids until this year. Our oldest is in 8th grade and our middle son is in 6th. They are both top of their class academically, but the social adjustments are ongoing. Of course, middle school is rough on a lot of kids who have been in public school all along. We put in a lot of effort to make sure that our kids got a good education, but I think we reached the limit of our ability to teach certain subjects. I just don't know how to teach literature or creative writing - oddly though I am still totally comfortable with the idea of teaching calculus or chemistry.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Parents can just announce that they are home schooling. No one checks on progress in standardized tests. I thought there was some enforcement.

    Education goes through cycles. Public school was viewed as an engine or progress. Many students are home schooled in this community. The Christian book store has so many resources.

    Child prodigies go to college when they are high school age.

  • designs

    Remember all of the JW parents who homeschooled their kids, that turned out well

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It was after my time. Thank goodness.

    There was a school set up in the midwest for all the JW students expelled b/c of flag salute. My grandparents heard there was a lack of supervision and loose moral conduct. My mom was sent to commercial school.

    Do you mean that no one checks to see if home school students are being taught?

    A parent who provides no education should be sent to prison.

  • DaCheech

    If a parent thinks they can teach their child, then why are they not teaching?

    There's already quite a few teachers out there that are pretenders

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