Homeschooling VS public/private schooling

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  • besunny

    Hello Everyone,,I currently homeschool my son,,we live in Ohio and he uses Ohio Connections Academy,,it is a virtual public school so he gets the education everyone else does,,he has live lessons several times a day with his teacher's and other classmates,he has an IEP for certain subjects and recieves extra help from his teacher's with those issues,,also he recieves PT,OT and ST in our home that the school provides along with a math tudor.The school also provides clubs,activities and field trips..My son did go to regular school for awhile but was bullied because of his physical disabilities and Asperger's...Now this does mean I am much more involved in his schooling then if he went to regular school it takes a lot of time but I adjusted my work schedule in order to do this...and if you have the time this is a great alternitive to going to regular school,,,

  • jgnat

    Looks good, PSacramento:

  • tec

    I am 50/50 on it as well.

    Homeschooling CAN work better, if the people doing it are doing it right.

    Same thing for public/private schooling. These can work better. Unfortunately, today, bullying is getting out of hand. The pace of education caters to the masses (as Jgnat said), and those who are below or above can get lost in that. (or bored and frustrated)

    Social problems come from the public these days, as well as from isolation.

    For both, vigilant attention is needed on the student, and understanding of them and their pace, and what holds their interest.

    There is also less of a stigma attached to home schooling today, than there used to be, because of all the support systems.



  • Nowman

    I was homeschooled after my freshman year of HS due to other JWs I went to school with always told on my spiritual parents took me out. It was a little more peaceful since I didnt get in as much trouble while homeschooled versus while I was in public school - I mean trouble from my parents about getting caught doing normal teenage things....yadda yadda.

    But I wanted to go back to public school, note. I graduated a year earlier because I was a genius (J/K ).

    Fast forward to today, home school can be good for some kids that just have a hard time in public school. I have a neice who is in 8th grade, 2nd year of home schooling. She is very involved in her church with her parents (barf, reminds me of JWs), she never fit in at school and was bullied. She wanted to be home schooled, her church friends were being home schooled too. She is much happier, and I like that. So for her, I understand.

    All my 3 kids go to public schools and they are doing great - not perfect - but normal. They get good/high grades, they are involved in activities....what I always wanted while growing up JW. I live my lost childhood a little bit through my 3 boogers.


  • coffee_black

    It depends on the child and the situation. My granddaughter homeschooled after horrific injuries that almost took her life. She homeschooled for 3 years, and returned to class this past Fall. She is the number one student in her 9th grade class now.

    The program she was on during the three years was administered online by the local school system and her Mom..


  • PSacramento

    THanks for the info Jgnat :)

    Sofia is in grade 4 and Maris is in SK and they boith are doing great and love shcool ( usually).

    Sofia has a hard time with bullies at times because she is good looking and smart and very opinionated ( takes after her Mom) but not in a physical way, they just don't want to socialize with her and she is VERY social. Marisa is more like me and doesn't really care what other people think but it is too soon to tell.

    I was wondering if it is a viable option in the future...Lisa is an SAP specialist and I have degrees in Business and Mech. Engineering so I think we may be qualified in terms of education ( I used to teach special needs kids too).

    Anyways, I was just curious on your thoughts.

  • Terry

    I don't think there is a general statement I could make that would hold true for specific persons in specific circumstances.

    Any school situation is problematic to the enviornment and the student.

    The time of life a young person goes through Jr.High and High School are the years one usually makes the closest friends and companions. Maybe even for life.

    Without the opportunity to mingle with others the chances of forming actual close personal ties is severely curtailed.

    My last three kids went both to public school (disastrous!) Private School (unworkable) and finally, Home School.

    Without going into too many details--none of the above were ideal.

    I was against Private School until I actually visited the school and was gobsmacked by the awful conditions (socially and culturally) that pervade. Things have changed radically since I was a student!

    Private school has a different dynamic! However, unless you want your kids to grow up to be fine Republicans running for City Council seats and golfing at the country club....well......

    Finally, Home School requires as much self-discipline for the student as the parents.

    A dedicated co-operative agreement can do the trick--but--it simply is not all it is cracked up to be.

    There is a "wealth" (ironically) of crappy home-school study materials specifically tailored for christian kids that dumbs down science and slants history Watchtower style!

    You would laugh if you read through these books and materials....just before you got boiling mad!

    I say, simply hook up your kid to the "cloud" and download a Masters Degree!

  • sooner7nc

    My son has some ongoing health issues that may neccesitate his being homeschooled for a short period of time. Here in our school district the school is going to have someone come to the house for a couple hours a week to go over his work while he's out plus let him still participate in Band.

  • fakesmile

    homeschooling kept me out of trouble. it also caused me to miss out on experiences that come with school. maybe it was a good choice for me, i was a hellion who despised authourity because they didnt have jahs approval... no B.S. i remember the defiance in my attitude when the teacher pressed me to put my hand over my heart for the flag allegiance. i sternly kept my arms at my side like the picture in the old live forever book. i did however learn to value education on my own terms and to study and read whatever i wanted. i still retain a bit of social awkwardness. but whateves.

    oh, yeah. creds- public school till 7th grade.

  • fakesmile

    also diagnosed with adhd by 3rd grade. i wonder if it was because i was forced to sit still for 6 hours a week.

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