Have you ever actually talked to a psychotherapist?

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  • Lore

    Nobody in my immediate family has, as far as I know. There seems to be an unwritten rule against them among the witnesses. (Or maybe a written rule I'm not aware of)

    Have you hired one? Why did you? And was it worthwhile?

    Do you think they'd be useful to everybody, or only people with specific problems.

  • Jim_TX

    hahahaha - funny story...

    When I was about 21 years old, I was still living at my mom's house. Evidently my behaviour had become erratic in her view, and she set up an appointment with a... well, it was a psychiatrist, psychologist... something like that, I'm not sure of his title.

    Anyway, she took me to this guy, and he is in his office... I'm there, and so is my mom. I guess she figured that if she was paying the bill, she could be present.

    So, this fella starts asking me all sorts of questions (which I do not remember now), and I answer him... exactly the way that my mom would like to hear the answers.

    Hey! I'm not crazy! If I told him the truth, I would've been in deeper poopoo than I was at the time!

    So, we go away, I'm not sure what the fella thought of my answers... or if he knew they were B.S. or not.

    A few weeks later, things went south at home, and I decided to move out. I was packing all sorts of things, and the next thing I know my mom is on the phone. She had (unbeknownst to me) set up another appointment with the psychiatrist. It was going to be for the following Monday... and it was on Friday that things were going south.

    I was on the extension phone listening in, as she was asking the receptionist lady if she could move the appointment up to that day... which was not possible.

    I was a little P.O.ed that she had done that - setting up another trip to the psychiatrist... but, it didn't matter at that point - I was moving out.

    I'm okay now... <twitch> <twitch> ... really I am.


    Jim TX

  • Lore

    Hah, wow.

    I didn't think they'd even LET your mother sit in. That's pretty much guaranteeing you can't speak freely.

    I don't think I'd trust the guy to be legit and confidential unless I had chosen and paid the man myself.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I bet you get a bunch of answers.


    JW'S don't have a rule against psychiatric or psychotherapy visits. But they certainly poison the very idea of going by telling members that such experts are not Bible trained or spiritually guided.

    I went after I stopped going to the K. H.. I had all kinds of issues. I still go occasionally. I have received immense help unloading my issues.

    It doesn't work for everyone and some people need to try more than one therapist. But it could be just what is needed.

  • jam

    One would have to be nuts to talk with a psychotherapist.

    Now with that being said, I was helped tremendously by

    psychotherapist. Unraveling the mess in my mind from Nam

    and leaving the cult. Seriously, a good psychotherapist can do

    wondrous for the mind.

  • Lore
    One would have to be nuts to talk with a psychotherapist.

    Everybody is nuts.

    Did you ever (or do you think you will) reach a point where you are 'all better now' and don't need to see the therapist anymore?

  • mrsjones5

    My hubby and I used to go. It was really something prescribed for my hubby to relieve stress due to his illness and being unable to work but it turned into both of us going to see the doctor. Dr Buckingham was kind, patient, concerned for our welfare and genuinely liked the both if us. If I was unable to go to a session the good doc would ask about me. Both the hubby and I miss the good doc and feel we really benefited by going.

  • Plummet

    Yes I have, I met with a couple for a lil bit before I left. My mom set it up and her exact words were to talk to him, let it all out and listen to what he said but don't listen to everything he says cause they can try to stir you away from the truth...the first one was not much help, they medicated me.

    The second guy I met was much easier to talk with although it was kind of weird talking to him at first. Unlike the first guy who had no clue what to say, do or ask, this second guy had treated some ex-witnesses and other ex-religous/cult members. His background, he with grew up and an "extremely religious" home and had a similar dilima, and wanted to help others. I think talking with him really helped.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am all better and am going once every two months. If my insurance weren't available, I probably would've stopped altogether.

    I think just about everybody could use 6 months of therapy.

  • Twitch

    Yes and it was very helpful

    It was a few years after exiting and I had hit a wall in a few ways, lost in others. A skip in a storm. So I saw a behavioral therapist who specialized in addictions and who had some experience with the jws, two of my favorite topics at the time ;) My first real education in critical thinking and analysis and it was good to have an objective and trained professional offer insights and suggestions on complex issues. I saw him for a few years then and a few later on and will always remember the discussions and lessons learned.

    RIP Dr. K

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