WT 4/15 GB: narcissism in high functioning individuals (big ego or severe disorder)

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  • BlindersOff1
  • BluesBrother

    Surely a slave should be right at the bottom ?????

    The picture drawn by Matt 24 ;45 -47 is one of a Master who goes away and leaves everything in the hands of his trusted slave. That slave is in charge, acting as a master in his absence. So he is at the top of the tree , the household has to answer to him.

    This pic is just a management chart, the same as any firm would produce. It lets the publishers know where they stand...at the bottom!

  • 88JM

    Perhaps they forgot this weeks Watchtower study:

    You wouldn't belive both were by the same people.

  • DavePerez

    Huh. Anyone else seeing that art like it was inspired by an aircraft carrier, with an angelic F-4 Phantom or F-104 Starfighter taxiing for take-off on either side of YHWH?

    It sure seems like YHWH is able to dispatch angels (who look alot like Michael McDonald or Kenny Rogers!) configured in attack mode, headed out on sorties, while most angelic hands are waiting below deck for their mission.

  • sd-7

    One does wonder at this picture. The Governing Body is conveniently placed ON TOP OF THE WORLD. I think this is an inappropriate symbolism, since "all of you are brothers", but clearly they do not really see themselves as the 'brothers' of anyone but Jesus, while everyone else is uh, stuck in the 'friend' zone. A less hierarchical design could've been to have separate photos of each entity and have the heavenly stuff (yeah, I don't think Jesus is in this photo at all, as he would at least have a crown on) overshadowing all of it. But, we already know the Governing Body has ego issues. I mean, why else call yourself the Governing Body? To govern is to rule. So they are the rulers of the organization.


  • thecrushed

    They are sitting on top of a steaming pile of shit. Being at the top of it only qualifies them to being flies swarming smelly turds.

  • Scott77

    The Bethelites aren't even mentioined at all, and they are the ones who live in tiny closet sized rooms, slave away for a pittance producing, binding. packaging and shipping all of the litterature, keeping Bethel clean and organized, etc. Sad that they can't even give credit where it's due.

    I think Bethelites may be under #6 since they are mere publishers. But... I am not sure really just thinking.


  • prologos

    dave Perez: " Phantoms, Starfighteres?" the widowmakers of the 60s? these guys, angels look like BASE JUMPERS* to me. some body has to have some FUN the universe!

    *the latest version have lifting suits that lets them glide at a 1:3 ratio for a few thousand feet along the ridges and "just so" open their braking chute.

  • Balaamsass


    They fired Jesus!!! ( for non-performance in 1914 & 1975 ). Replaced the Faithful and Discreet slave. All manual field service to be performed by hispanics.

    Isn't the North Pole where Santa and Superman hang out?

  • DavePerez

    Prologos, yeah, the Kenny Rogers dude defo looks like a base jumper, lol! Actually, if you look really closely on the top of YHWH's angel carrier, there's white fluffy clouds sitting on the surface, and the one on the right especially looks F-4ish or Starfighter..... On the other hand, it's probably like a Rohrsach test, where what we see it as says something about us?

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