The BEST way to "wake up" a JW

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  • John_Mann

    Yeah the remaining JW's are most very emotional people who don't give a shit to doctrines.

    But I wonder how long such environment can last without thinking ones ?


    I plan on trying a new method as soon as it is appropriate. The criteria for truth given at the 2012 DC is a great way to get a dubs brain working, if they are ready. So timing is everything, IMO. You just have to get them to answer yes to a few questions.

    1) Do they believe the Bible is God's word?

    2) Do they truly believe Jesus' teachings?

    If they answer,"yes", then present the criteria for truth as given at the 2012 DC.

    3) Do you agree with this list presented at the DC?

    If they are ready to have a true discussion then you can take the conversation anywhere. You just have to compare past and present teachings to the criteria for truth. An honest person will have to admit that the criteria for truth cannot be correct, and at the same time allow for claiming that false teachings are "the truth." Since they have just agreed that the criteria for truth is correct, it should cause some dissonance.

    I thought about focusing on the 90+ years of wrong ideas taught by the GB about the "domestics." Depending on their responses, you can talk about the "mediator" issue. I have not tried it yet. The person I talk to could shut down immediately. It may be worth a try.


  • John_Mann

    I once had a successful approach with a very emotional JW.

    I just told her that the most natural way the true god would reveal to everyone of us is:

    1) God revealing itself to you in a very personal way.

    2) God says to you he have a book with more information about what to do.

    3) This book of god (bible) appoints you to an earthly organization (JW's).

    She accepted it.

    So I made this born-in JW girl admits she gone through the opposite order:

    1) One earthly organization show to her about an old book.

    2) This organization said this book reveals an old mountain god.

    3) This organization said this old god through this old book says this organization is the only true religion.

    The first one is god directing the entire process in a loop back to him. The second one is an organization directing a loop to itself.

    She realized the TTAA after that.

  • BU2B

    Data dog can you PM me the Criteria for truth listed at the DC? It might be helpful.


    This is the criteria for truth given at the "God's Word is Truth" DC. These points were mentioned in different talks over the course of 3 days. They are from my personal notes. I attended 2 different DC's that year and double checked these points. If you want to confirm what I have written then you will need to listen to the whole DC.


    Truth = God's Word

    Truth = correct understanding of God's Word

    Truth = Christ's teachings

    Truth cannot contradict other "truth."

    Truth does not change. [for example, the Earth is a sphere. It always has been, even before the technology existed to scientifically prove it.]

    Truth is verifiable fact.

    Truth must be free of human assumption and speculation. [ God's true prophets did not speculate.]

    Now it is just a matter of comparing past and current teachings to the criteria for truth. For example: Organ transplants are cannibalism. People who said there was no FDS "class" were on a path of self-deception. The primary reason for trusting the FDS is because they were appointed over Christ's belongings. Jehovah lives in the Pleides star system. Jesus=Michael, ect.. Take you pick. What is the most appropriate example for your family?


  • BU2B

    Thanks DD. I will likely use this when some change comes up in conversatiion


    If the person really wants to talk and cares about "truth", then it should help. If a teaching was not truth, then what was it? If it was just a human idea, then how much weight should we give to it? Should humans who are not appointed over Christ's belongings persecute their fellow domestics for not treating their ideas as truth? Those are the questions that I ask myself.


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