What are the best questions to ask an elder?

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  • DarkFireWolf

    I can't get disfellowshipped since I'm not baptized.My parents' are hoping that if I ask an elder my questions and he answers them that I will get baptized.I'm only planning on letting the elders' answers speak for itself though.If he can't give a sensible answer, then just maybe they'll see that there is something wrong.

  • simon17

    Draw their attention slowly and carefully to the difference between provable facts and unprovable beliefs. Contrast things like "Does the Earth Rotate about the Sun" or "The Pythagorean Theorem" with things like "the Bible is the one true word of God" and "Mohammed is God's true prophet". This must be carefully done, as silly as it may seem. They will likely try to counter with "proofs" from the Bible, but note that Muslims would counter with proofs from the Qu'ran, Hindus from the Veda, and every other religion from their own particular sources (not to mention different groups interpretations). Note how this is different from scientifically determined facts. Once it is shown, it cannot help but to quickly proliferate and be acknowledged by all, even if there is initial resistance. This will probably go back and forth a bit, but ultimately anyone would have to acknowledge their religious beliefs require faith. If they didn't they would become acknowledged. And this is the opposite of what has happened in religious history.

    Once this has been established, it is fair to say that you have beliefs that happen to differ from the elders beliefs. Because these are unprovable, we just have to operate with them as best as we can, and not judge one another's beliefs. Insist that you may or may not agree with him, but you will not judge him for his unprovable beliefs and you don't intend on being judged on yours.

  • MrFreeze

    Whatever questions you ask you can find an article on it. If you are only interested in what they will say, then they will repeat whatever is from the articles.

    If you are trying to get out of the JW's feel free to ask them all the questions you want. All you are doing is marking yourself. If that is your goal then fine, but if not you'd best leave your doubts in your mind.

    When I told the elders I had doubts for a while they asked why I hadn't come to them sooner instead of researching on my own. I told them it was because I already knew what their answers were going to be and they weren't of any help.

  • MrFreeze

    I just looked back on your other threads and you seem to be gathering information to dispute with elders. A few questions. Are you still living at home? Are you planning on getting baptised? Are you young enough to live on your own? I'm just trying to figure out the point of your questions for the elders. You won't make the elders think. They are going to believe what they've always believed.

  • DarkFireWolf

    I don't plan on getting baptized, I am on my own but my parents are unrelenting in their will for me to get baptized and whenever I talk with them, they always bring it up.I want my parents to think, more so than the elders.I only want to show that the elders don't know everything and this organization cannot be God's organization when there are teachings that are contrary to the bible.Hence, the mediator question I am bringing up.If an elder can't give me a good answer, then they have no choice but to research it themselves instead of making it that the elders' will always know the answer.

  • Snoozy

    What was their motivation for taking the job in the first place... No matter how they answer it always comes down to a selfish reason..

    Why are they encouraged to "Move up" in the organization and why are they treated like royalty when they do?

    Humble my foot..

    Would they still "Love Jehovah" if there was no everlasting life promise?..


  • Satanus

    Your parents are convinced that god is going to kill you soon, unless you get baptized. They must think that the end is soon. Maybe a review of the generation doctrine would help lessen their fears, or confuse them.


  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    if you want to keep it in a biblical frame (which in this context is probably best, as you want to show your parents the truth about the truth and the more of their belief you try to shake at once, the harder), the mediator topic is a good one. stick to one topic if possible. make sure you know the topic well, including their take on it.

  • wannabefree

    When I was a firm believer, the mediator question didn't bother me, JW logic runs strong in the mind ..... Jesus is mediator of the new covenant, that covenant is for a kingdom, the anointed are joint heirs of the kingdom covenant, Jesus mediatorship is for the anointed, however, his death cleanses all mankind of Adamic sin so the rest of mankind can benefit from the kingdom by putting faith in Christ and the kingdom arrangement (the great crowd).

    You might ask questions that they can not answer

    ..... you have been trying to prove to yourself that Jesus received his kingship in 1914 but are having a problem with the start date of 607BCE (of course they will refer you to the Watchtower articles of 2011), see if they will examine outside sources just like a "worldly" person would do

    ..... tell them you don't necessarily believe in the trinity, but according to the Bible, is it wrong to refer to Jesus as God? (Isaiah 9:6, John 1:1, John 20:28) ... so what's the big deal if other religions refer to him as God when the Bible supports the term for him? ... of course they will say it doesn't refer to him as ALMIGHTY God, and John 1:1 is "a god", but still, can't one understand why others would call Jesus God? How could that be wrong? How many true God's are there? If Jesus isn't the true God, is he a false God? If he isn't a false God, aren't JW's polytheistic?

    ..... Jehovah .... the Insight book acknowledges that Yahweh is probably more accurate but the Watchtower uses Jehovah because of its supposed familiarity ... since when is the Organization more concerned with what is popular over what is correct? Wouldn't this be an important issue? We're talking God's name for crying out loud, doesn't that merit accuracy? ... plus, if in the forefront of Jesus' ministry was making this name known, why was it never mentioned in Jesus famous Sermon on the Mount? ... why was it never the basis of preaching in the book of Acts which always refers to preaching the name Jesus?

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    indeed, some people are bothered by a topic, some are not. i for example was never bothered about that UN NGO thing until later, when i didn't believe in all that crap anymore. 607 was my topic all the time. pick what you know best and what bothers you most.

    new light on stuff like blood would be a topic - people died because of the "truth" that blood fractions are not allowed. now they are allowed. how can we be sure that current "truth" isn't going to change? how does truth change at all? and it's not about some understanding and human error, it's about life and death!

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