JWs in the UK: 27 years of yearbook stats and stagnation

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  • besty

    Looks like they are heading for 1000 baptisms by 2016 :) a far cry from the 6000 and above of the late 1980's

    Who cares about how they change the rules to include more publishers, reported faux hours in service or 'doorstep bible studies' - where the rubber hits the road they are in serious trending decline.

    Look for relaxing on baptism criteria next.

    (Bible studies in green on the left hand scale, baptisms in lilac on the right hand scale)

    UK Baptisms

  • EntirelyPossible

    An interesting way to look at the numbers is "how many people will YHWH kill per JW". If JWs are increasing faster than the general population, then no problem, it's a net life-saving activity (presuming JWs are right, which they aren't). If, as in this case, the JWs are increasing ranks at a pace slower than the general population, it's a net life-taking activity.

  • besty
    (Bible studies in green on the left hand scale, baptisms in lilac on the right hand scale)

    other way about :-)

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    It would be interesting to factor in the UK population growth:-

    1985 - 56.55M

    2011 - 62.64M

    From what I hear most of the JW newbies are in foreign language groups plus children of course. In my neck of the woods most of the newbies I see are also disabled


  • jwfacts

    Besty, that is an interesting graph, with the dip and then growth in Bible Studies, yet no corresponding rise in Baptisms. I wonder what accounts for the rise is Studies.

  • nugget

    Could be the introduction of family worship night and the encouragement for parents to report Bible studies with chiuldren. As Family worship night is a meeting in the home recording the bible study with children shows that it has been attended by all in the home.

  • jgnat

    Here's a graph for you, SBF.

    Declining Church Attendance

  • konceptual99

    We have had several reminders over the past couple of years that family worship means that you can count 1 bible study a month and a max of 1 hour per week. You count per family, not per child. This should correlate with the figures to show more hours and studies but no massive rise in baptisms as only a relatively small proportion of children would be eligible for baptism each year.

    A side point on this is that there has been some implicit messages encouraging children to get baptised younger, locking them in early and making free choices about education, ministry commitments and so on much less "free".

  • 88JM

    Just came across some stats in my old notes from district conventions and elders and ministerial meetings.

    These were figures at the 2012 District Convention regarding the "special" 30 hour allowance for auxilliary pioneering:

    For the reduced allowance, according to my District Convention notes where they gave the figures near the end of the last day:

    • 2,853,824 auxilliary pioneered worldwide for that month
    • 58,635 of these were in the U.K.
    • 3,323,702 hours were reported that month in the U.K. (164,381 in Ireland)
    • 71% of Bethelites pioneered that month

    Other statistics I came across in notes from an elders and ministerial servants meeting in late 2011:

    • 79 circuits in the U.K.
    • 12,675 elders in the U.K.
    • 9,646 ministerial servants in the U.K.
  • Jeffro


    I wonder what accounts for the rise is Studies.

    • "Question Box–Should a family Bible study be reported to the congregation?" Our Kingdom Ministry, November 2003, page 3
    • "Question Box—May both parents report the time used for the regular family study?" Our Kingdom Ministry, September 2008, page 3

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