JWs in the UK: 27 years of yearbook stats and stagnation

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  • Phizzy

    WELCOME BACK SLIMBOY ! A bit of a lacuna there, two months without your acerbic comments, I missed yer ! yer wee Scots bastard.

    I wonder how many more followers of Islam have been added in the same period in the U.K ? They must have a harder job than JW's in theory to make a convert. I know that, in common with JW's, most of the increase comes from kids growing up in it, but they have been making converts.

  • cedars

    Hi slimboyfat! Great to see you back!

    Compared with most other denominations JWs are doing pretty well.

    I knew the opportunity to pour cold water on the statistical analysis threads would finally lure you back!!

    Knock yourself out my friend...

    bucket of water


  • Phizzy

    Just some interesting U.K figures I found on line, compoled by Dr. Peter Brieley, of whom i know nothing.

    340 Denominations in 2010, only 275 four years earlier !

    50,700 Churches (buildings) 2% up on 2005

    36,600 Ministers 4% up on 2005

    So, the opposition ain't doing so bad Slimboy, not stagnating like the JW's. Of course some denominations are suffering, the Methodists apparently are shrinking fastest.

  • besty


    Resurrected :-)

  • jookbeard

    SBF ; the UK and its population of over 60 million with it being the most densely populated country in Europe and having one of the highest rate of migrant settlers from inside and outside of the EU these figures seem far from them "doing well" ,the UK saw one of the very first foreign branches to be set up outside the USA well over 100 years ago, has seen international conventions held at Twickenham and Wembley Stadium in the 50's and 60's that boasted of hundreds of thousands in attendance, yet the Ireland branch has closed, long standing congregations in London are being merged or disbanded while Evangelical churches continue to boom in the Inner Cities as does Mormonism, for a country steeped with so much tradition and history with The WTS and its early Bible Students I'd say the recent report is worrying to them.

  • AnnOMaly


    The bar graphs are very telling.

  • slimboyfat

    How about a bar chart for overall church attendance in Britain since 1992?

    If I knew how to do it I would do it myself because I have got access to the figures.

  • Phizzy

    Church attendance figures are known to be inflated within the Church of England at least, Vicars don't want to lose their job, so the figures are inflated.

    I doubt the attendance in Kingdom Halls is counted that accurately, and it doesn't mean much either.

    The figures alone would be interesting to see though, however inaccurate they may be.

  • slimboyfat

    I am pretty skeptical about most statistics too. But the best figures we have available show a dramatic decline in religious adherence, membership and attendance in recent decades. It's no good just accepting statistics we like and rubbishing others.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The "others" don't count according to the WT. After all, the nations are streaming into his organization.

    So how did the the rank and file in England feel about all those videos talking about all the rapid expansion, when for several years iun a row, numbers were down?

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