Jehovah's Witnesses Believe It or Not- Weird & Wacky Museum

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  • b00mslang

    How about all of the books I studied over the years, in depth, that have now become repudiated "Old Light"?

    All of that superfluous "knowledge" I absorbed. We could include the Sandwich Boards I wore for the DC at the Rosebowl in like 63' or 64'. I recall they had a tiny one for me to wear (I was like 4 or 5).

    I'm glad no photos have circulated of that ignominious start.

  • prologos

    The big charts on congegation activities, updated every month, then even at circuit assemblies, comparing congregations, cirka 1959.

    I have parts of the original praphenalia to make the signs: "The World has ended, Millions now Living will Never Die" page 422 the proclaimers book.

    a stunner for every jw visitor to our house.

    the silent antique show,

  • Balaamsass2
  • Balaamsass2
  • joe134cd

    No beards.

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