"We have truly seen Jehovah's hand" - the shocking side of Watchtower propaganda

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  • cedars

    Jehovah's hand

    Hi everyone

    As a special "thank you" gift to the Watch Tower Society's team of lawyers for getting JWsurvey shut down yesterday, I have written a new article focussing on the experience of the Nigeria plane crash from pages 29 and 30 of the 2013 Yearbook. The experience purports to be about the relief committee set up to assist a Witness family whose home was destroyed by a deadly plane crash that claimed over 150 lives rather than the freak survival of the family because they obediently attended their meeting.

    Still, the reaction of Witnesses on facebook unmistakably demonstrates that the real aim of the Watchtower propaganda machine was mostly achieved in this article. Despite the fact that two Witnesses were recently killed in a bus crash on their way to an assembly, apparently those who obey the Bible's command to not forsake gathering together will experience "Jehovah's hand" of protection.

    Here is the link...


    As always, any feedback will be appreciated!


  • jookbeard

    good to see your site up and running again.

  • wasblind

    Jehovah's Witnesses build their religion and get encouragment off of tragedies

    It's part of the their fear factor. It's what they wait for to make converts

    "But why do the Witnesses call repeatedly even at homes of people who do not share their faith?

    People themselves change; serious problems in life may stimulate an awareness of spiritual need"_______Reasoning from the Scriptures book page 206


    Jehovah's Witnesses are salesmen, they can't sell a product if you don't see a need for it

    therefore they have to show you the need

  • Chaserious

    Interesting read, as usual. How did they get your site shut down?

  • cedars

    Thanks Chaserious

    Interesting read, as usual. How did they get your site shut down?

    It was a DMCA takedown. Here is the thread...



  • wasblind

    Hey Cedars, we oughta contine to put the ridiculous short qoutes on that site

    so as to give the Boys in brooklyn somethin' to laugh at

    Thier own mess

    And yes, I enjoyed your link as well, Great work cedars

    Continue to point out their bunk

  • cantleave

    Why is it that JW's who comment on facebook all seem to write in some wierd abbreviated "text" speak?

    Are they all that uneducated?

  • Afrikana
  • QueenWitch

    English is not their first language. If you notice, most names look foreign. Cedars, thanks for the shout out :)

  • Kojack57

    Good article CEDARS. There seems to be no end to the hypocrisy and brainwashing the BORG puts upon its rank and file members.


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