What is the I.Q. of a Jehovah's Witness?

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  • Terry

    Thanks alot, James. You've derailed my topic!

  • Finkelstein

    The basic follow up to this is: if an ordinary (non-anointed remnant) person can see what is true way before the "special mouthpiece"--shouldn't we all

    be a bit suspicious of the CLAIM to be the spokesman for Truth?

    Good point Terry

    This is part of the reason I started to head out of this organization, there was no real Truth, just weakly speculativeive created dogma.

    The light turned on for me fully when I realized this was a religious publishing house, much more endeavored and inspired to proliferate

    its literature, than striving to articulate the Truth about matters and subjects.

  • ShirleyW

    Well, a snake ain' t a mammal, but they eat mice and seem to survive on that.

  • tiki

    from my observation, there are some posters on this site who come across as having a superior intellect. perhaps there is a correlation between having removed oneself from the religion and one's mental prowess......which would mean that our departure has only served to lower the average jw iq as a whole.................

    personally i've known some pretty smart witnesses, and also some pretty dopey ones. the problem may not lie in their basic capacity to learn, but their unwilllingness to broaden their minds. 'none so blind as him who will not see'

  • Finkelstein

    The emotional and intellectual IQ of most JWs is one that is being forcibly restrained as a probable means toward sustaining

    the continuing support toward the organization from people who have been drawn into it.

    The WTS. doesn't like people messing with their products, especially from insiders.

    Where you can be chastised in expressing any critical analytical thought on doctrines, albeit truthful or not.

    Not to say that no other religious organization is structured this way, but the JW organization most definitely is.

  • Terry

    What I observed about JW's that I thought were pretty smart is this: they play a game.

    The game is holding secret opinions and living a double life.

    In fact, my best friend who brought me in to the religion when I was a teen has openly acknowledged to me that he "picks and chooses what he will believe" and that he never gets

    in trouble because he "knows how to play the game." His words!

    A sort of superior elation comes from knowing you are smarter than even people who have the "true religion" because you can see the crap and avoid stepping in it.

    Is this integrity? I would answer, "No". But, it is effective.

    I currently know a "brother in good standing" who doesn't believe one scintilla of JW doctrine but knows how to keep up appearances.

    Both he and his wife are the offspring of Congregation Overseers (before Elder arrangement) and were reared inside the "Truth".

    It isn't the truly smart people whom we should worry about since they are amphibians. It is the people of average intelligence with the most at risk.

    As a sidebar: I have tested intelligence at exactly Average.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    JW stats:

    +100,000,000 IQ

    +100,000,000 endurance

    +100,000,000 strength

    because they are Jehovah's CHOSEN people, duh.

    Pictured above: Full-time Pioneer.

  • Terry

    I love the idea of asking a JW for their "opinion" on which is more important to them, speaking what is factually true or speaking what is untrue yet loyal to the Society.

    It has a certain squirm factor, you have to admit.

  • Finkelstein

    All depends if another JWS is present when asking that question.

    Most devout JWS will say loyalty to the organization though, which of course has been intensionally and forcibly structured

    in their psychological mindset by the WTS.

    Vaguely speaking showing any disloyalty to the organization reflectively means death to most fully indoctrinated JWS.

  • Terry

    Let your Yes mean Yes and your No mean NO doesn't seem to apply to The Truth, then?

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