They were out New years morning, I couldn,t believe it.

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  • jam

    I,am watching the Rose Bowl parade, and the wife

    call me to the front of the house. Look, and sure enough

    a couple knocking on doors at 10 oclock in the morning

    on New years day. This got to be the worst day for service,

    hangovers, up all nite partying,sleeping in and some screw ball

    wont to share a scripture with you.

    The wife ask, did I ever go out on New Years and knock on

    doors, never I told her, I was sleeping in like the other Elders

    with a hangover. Did any of you go out on New years morning?

  • mamochan13

    never, never, and never.

    But then, I always played in a band and had been up all night the night before. No wonder they kicked me out!

  • wezz


    <===== IDIOT!!

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Never here too.

    The local congreation does not even meet on New Years Day for Field Service.

    Maybe the C.O. is going to visit soon.

  • cantleave

    Not even I went out New Years day - never!!!

  • cofty

    No. I told my group we were not going out on Christmas day either - I thought it was counter-productive.

    A few of them were unhappy about it and joined another group for christmas morning WT selling.

  • cobaltcupcake

    My father was always dragging us out in the ministry on holidays. I ha-a-a-a-ted it.

    My recent blog post dealt with that subject.

    The Odd Life of Jehovah's Witnesses - Merry Christmas

  • 88JM

    For people that hail themselves as shining ambassadors for God, they sure do their best to give him a bad name. If I really wanted to go out of my way to piss people off in the biggest way possible in the name of God without doing something illegal, I would probably do exactly what JWs do - knock on people's doors early New Year's day.

    They are so out of touch. Do they seriously expect people to answer the door and say: "well I've got a hangover the size of Mexico, but hell yeah - let's sit down and discuss your cult!"

  • irondork

    Oh yeah, I was there too. Well, not this year... or last year... or the one before that...

    But the one before that?... I was there. And on Christmas morning too. What better way to honor Jesus than by engaging in the ministry he assigned to us.

    Jehovah's happy, busy people!

  • finallysomepride

    never did, and not on xmas day or on easter weekend

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