Awake says in Eden lions ate apples and Crocodiles ate Pinapples...are they crazy?

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  • Witness 007
  • AnnOMaly

    An Awake of the 1960s perhaps?

  • brinjen

    Sounds like they're smoking crack.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yes Q.F.Readers 1960s said lions can use claws to open husks etc etc and im thinking have they EVER seen National geographic? These animals are born killers.

  • ProdigalSon

    The suffering, violence and bloodshed in the natural world is a quandary for every victim of Abrahamism, not just JW's. There's simply no way to equate a "loving Father" with the Creator of ruthless killing machines. Ignoring billions of years of geological evidence is, as you say, crazy. Creationists are not only fanatics but dangerous... to themselves and everyone around them.

    The problem with religion in general is the idea that there was a "perfect" God who made everything "perfect" and then mankind messed it all up. That however is not what all the available evidence suggests. Instead, mankind is himself both "God" and "Satan" on a long and arduous teleologically evolutionary journey of apotheosis, and until we learn that lesson the masses will be dominated by the select few at the top of the food chain who know how it all works, the same ones who invented all these retarded religions to keep themselves in their positions of power and wealth.

  • mP

    Funny how none of the Bible heroes were ever nice and kind. Im speaking of characters like Moses, Abraham, David etc. They were all vicious and often down right cruel and killers. SO if they could be friends with Jehovah what does that say about his violent tendencies and why would he care about lions. ?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    GOOD point mP

  • wasblind

    The WTS has made God out to be a Two Timin' liar

    Why would God take back the meat he promised after the flood

    Havin' no justification. I understand why he had to make changes

    concernin' the Israelites, But why take back a reward

    Accordin' to the WTS nobody will be able to recall the former things

    of the past , so God will take advantange of that, and snatch

    the ham biscuit right out of my hand before I can put it in my mouth



    If the awake printed it, then within a few months the following "facts" would have been used in a public talk in my local congregation...

    when crocodiles were closer to perfection they made cocktails out of pineapples such as the sexy alligator (likely called the chaste alligator back then). as they fell from perfection they swallowed pineapples whole until eventually they preyed on mammals, fish and rodents. what a perfect example of how far we have fallen from perfection.

    lions still have the ability to climb trees - evidently from when they would go to work in the apple trees, shaking the branches until the apples would fall from the tree. They were never tempted to eat from the tree of knowledge though or indeed over-eat as that would be gluttony - how we long for the new system when we too will eat apples handed to us by out own pet lions.


  • Mary

    How ridiculous! We all know that the lions ate the pinapples and the crocs at the apples. Can't they get anything right?

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