Is Watchtower $60 million away from liquidation?

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  • Balaamsass

    Tisk tisk. Ahh the French. The French have always seen through the WTBTS curtain. The taxation was certain to fail in any Western country that requires Religions to be treated equally.

    Didn't WTBTS move much of their French assets out of France years ago?

    Religion is a snare and a racket....and ALL of them should be taxed EVENLY at the the TOP bracket..THAT will help with the "Fiscal Cliff".

    Jesus sat on rocks and spoke in the great outdoors, they had so little $$$ they carried it around in a box. The GB SAY they want to follow in Jesus footsteps....The Guberning Body doesn't need 1st class Airfare. My neighbor has a Donkey that needs a new home..... I will freely donate it to Bethel.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    Listener >> The video is more like a play where the actors are pretending to present a news report.

    You must be right - no caption text on who is who. The whole interview is like being staged between two 'brothers'.

    I guess the press was not so interested in the story line, so they made up their own press tagline.

    And the faithful start believing their own press.

  • ballistic

    Watch the video again and look at both men's hands, I suffered from this as a JW and it went after leaving, after some years, I think it is very deeply seated guilt, or shame or anxiety.

  • Emery

    8 million eh? Wow evidence of Jehovah's blessing just keep on coming! Praise Jah you people!

    Now...if he can only prevent the other 20 million from getting into the hands of those heathen apostates...

  • problemaddict

    8 million from liquidating the French headquarters? I doubt that very much. It just lends sympathetic support to their cause.

    Most amusing to me was that these two men called each other "SIR", and it was set up as an interview, when clearly they are both JW's.

  • Finkelstein

    There was some big time Bullshit in that video to be sure.

    The guy embellished the story to make the French government look as bad as possible.

    Obviously the tax wasn't that high or doable because they functioned the same with the tax in place.

    Its more jargon in legal terms when he said the tax would have liquidated the WTS. in France.

    JWS not telling the Truth can you imagine that !

  • outsmartthesystem

    Keep in mind that this video is mostly intended to be watched by the JW faithful. The JW faithful have no idea how much $ the society has....and most simply think they collect just enough in donations to "keep the work going". Of course they had to make a big deal of it and act as though it would have crippled them.......or else it would have raised a red flag

    That being said.....I agree with Kojack. If such a payment really would have forced liquidation.......for the society it wouldn't be that big of a deal. They would just sell off all the French assets and move all French production duties to the nearest foreign "Bethel". This is why the JW organization will never implode as we would all like to see happen. They have so many different corporations with so many assets strewed amongst them......spread out over so many countries.....implosion cannot happen.

    But I believe we are seeing the beginning of their slow downfall. Like gangrene, the Society will just continue to cut off toe after toe until just the basics remain. They have entered survival mode

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