Anyone with Happy Memories from being a JW born in, please post here....

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  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    dang it my thread is a dud!

    Not a dud... just a lot of unhappy people and rightly so... I was lucky from what I've read.

  • exwhyzee

    Like you Sky, although there were losses and missed opportunities because of our religious beleifs, I had an overall good childhood. There were good and bad JW experiences mostly good. If you talk to a child who came from an abusive situation they will likely have some fond memories to look back on as well. Most of my fond memories have to do with individuals (other JW kids )who were in the same boat as I was and with whom I formed a bond with because of it. We used to sit through 8 day assemblies in the baking sun yet my brother and I although miserable, hot and bored, as children will do, found a way to eke out a bit of fun for ourselves, even if it was only by scanning the audience for friends or snickering at people dozing off etc. I had some really nice times with people from all over the country and world that I would never have known had if I hadn't been a JW. I still have a youthful appearance and healthy body in part because I avoided or was sheltered from alot of behaviors that could have damaged my health or ended my life. However I realize that if I'd have been as heavily/fanatcally involved in other positive activities or belonged to another organization with people focused on doing good, I'd likely have ended up the same as I am now only I'd still be able to talk to my old friends and would likely have better social skills,occupational skills and coping skills that had to be developed well into adulthood because I found out the ones I had been relying on (ie, Everlasting life, Jehovah's spirit etc) weren't based in any kind of reality.

  • emperorslaundrist

    -goody night :)

    -bookstudies with fireplaces

    -reading the bible for the first time

    -the awe of believing there was a divine intelligence behind creation

    -meeting my husband

  • MrFreeze

    Any good memories I had were all non-JW related. Plenty of good times with friends some of whom it turns out aren't in the organization anymore.

  • flipper

    SKYGREEN- I was a born in JW. Exited 9 years ago at age 44. My youth was somewhat happy ( not all ) because I had a JW mom who showed me authentic, real human love. But her husband, my elder dad - did not. My mom ended up being essentially the family go between, the therapist and diplomat between extreme fanatical JW family members and those who were not so extreme - fringe on the border JW's.

    So at this point my family is so divided and fractionalized into uber fanatic JW's still to this day who have nothing to do with the inactive or faded JW's ( me among the latter ) and those ( my mom among them ) who will tolerate us. The bottom line is the happy memories I have are not from sitting at 5 day district conventions in 110 degree heat at Dodger stadium as an 8 year old - but from the rare occurence when my dad would lose his stupid elder hat or title and take a family vacation with mom and my other siblings and me to my non-Witness grandparents mountain cabin for a week. I remember fishing on a boat for trout and salmon with my non-Witness grandpa .

    Bottom line is I'm saying the HAPPY memories had nothing to do with the JW cult- the HAPPY memories had a lot to do when we took a BREAK from the cult and became real human beings communicating with each other in a relaxed mountain getaway without cult influence of any kind. So- you wanted happy memories, yeah I have some, but it was away from JW activity when my elder dad wasn't tied down to elders meetings and saving every psychotic JW in the kingdom hall. So there you have it. Utter, stripped down honesty. How good can it get ? I'm no worse for the wear now, I've recovered, but I could NEVER sit still inside a church or organized religion again . I'd go stark raving crazy. I love my freedom of mind and happiness now

  • mrsjones5

    Of course I have good memories of being on the inside. It was basically make do and catch as you catch can on anything fun which was few and far between and even then didn't last because there was always some snitch lurking to rat out those who were having too much fun.

    I'm glad to be out of it and happy not to raise my children in it.

  • jwfacts

    I had a wonderful family and many wonderful memories growing up. What I miss is that feeling of being one of a special group of people promoting Jehovah's urgent message. What I don't miss is the feeling of alienation from people in general, along with the constant fear and guilt.

    I do have a genuinely nice family life and I believe a good chunk of that is due to being raised a JW.
    I don't necessarily agree. JWs may improve the life of people that are from really back backgrounds. However, if your parents had been from a normal background, then there is no reason they would have been any less genuine or nice. I work with educated, middle class people and most have had great family lives and have great families now.
  • SunnyDays

    I am much happier being out! The hypocrisy, jockeying for position in the congos, and no real love and concern for others always distressed me. I felt guilty for things that I know now, I am not being judged for by God.

    The truth really does set you free! Once you realize it's just another religion, you can worship God with a free and joyous heart, not burdened by guilt and judgmentalism.

    I'm new here, I hope I'm not stepping on toes.

    Sunny :)

  • sd-7

    Well, my parents were pretty good, my dad was never a JW, though. We had plenty of chances as kids to spend time with other kids in the congregation who were our age. We had one boy who was an elder's son who became a good friend of mine--we played a lot of video games and basketball together. I suppose it could be argued those were happy memories. I think the present clouds the past in that regard. There were surely plenty of pleasant and ordinarily enjoyable things that I did as a child. Nothing traumatic happened, really. It wasn't until puberty that the problems came, so...childhood was pretty much blissful, I remember it being happy.


  • mamochan13

    My childhood memories were okay, average. I didn├Ęt know any different, really. But my dad was not a JW, so we had lots of good times that were outside the religion.

    We had fun travelling to large assemblies with my mom. It was an adventure.

    but overall, sorry. I really wish I had not been raised a JW.

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