GIVE A PITHY recounting of what 2012 did to or for you life!

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  • cyberjesus

    I think that everything is good or bad depending on your filters... So i let you decide

    1/1/12 woke up with a hang over, and went to had a fantastic mexican breakfast

    1/1/12 after talking on th phone with my gf in argentina my intuition told me she was sleeping with someone over there

    i lived until april on the best apartment of my life... Rent was $4k per month my son came to visit every week

    i broke up with my gf in april.. She kept the business and the money. I kept the experience and the knowledge. She was good at business, networking and other stuff.

    i had -300 on my bank account, and no credit by may

    i started my new business in may and learned how to have a 30% increase every month. I started with zero (for the 4th time in my life) but this time i am a master of compound growth.

    On july i found a beautiful ukranian girl. She loves sex more than me and i am not a prude per say.

    in august my daughter stopped talking to me...

    Same month i moved with my gf to an apartment on the beach.

    i sold my cnvertible car to pay bills.

    November i started two more businesses, still income not enough but constant growth.

    i got a free Lexus car and helped 1 more person get one.

    december i am working harder than ever in my life. Finnally i love being ambitious. And now i am working hard on my new skill.

    2012 did the most practical connections of my life. Did 3 commercials and 3 movies. Any money i had went inmediately back to pay bills. I have $700 in my checking account. I have my driving license back.... The only fantasies i believe is the ones i choose to make in my mind and almost always can turn them into reality.

    I finished the year working hard and start it already with momentum.

    i am free.

    There is no good or bad..... It just is. And IS, its fascinating.

  • konceptual99

    Woke up to TTATT. Started my fade.

    cant say much better than that.

  • glenster
  • sooner7nc

    In 2012:

    The Good- Was accepted to Nursing school (which starts in 14 days)

    Sold about $1000 worth of my handmade knives

    Lived another year with my legendary family

    Bad- My son had two surgeries and started peritoneal dialysys.

    That's as pithy as I can make it

  • Hortensia

    well, some good, some suffering -- I hope everyone has a much better year in 2013

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