GIVE A PITHY recounting of what 2012 did to or for you life!

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  • Terry

    I moved in with my Cousin Deb and her husband Bobby at the first of 2012.

    This mean I didn't live alone any longer. That was both a good and a not so good thing!

    I eat home cooked meals. That's GOOD.

    I eat too many (and desserts). That's BAD.

    I bought a bicycle and turned into a fanatic. That's GOOD!

    I said I turned into a fanatic. That's BAD.

    I sold my mineral rights to a gas well for about 4 thousand dollars. That's GOOD.

    I spent it! That's BAD!

    I got an infected jaw and was in the hospital for 7 days and nights. That's BAD.

    My hospital bill was 48 THOUSAND dollars. That's......oh you figure it out!

    I started going on a free Dating service (Plenty of Fish) and met about ten nice people. That's GOOD.

    I quickly figured out I'm too old for that kind of nonsense any more! That's BAD.

    I composed more new music this year than ever before. That's GOOD.

    I think most of it sucks! That's BAD!

    I am retired and didn't work a day of the entire year. That's GOOD.

    I didn't earn a nickel. That's___very___BAD!


    Things learned?

    Today is the only day any of us have to make GOOD decisions that will change our life.

    Today we probably will fail to do that!


    What am I looking forward to in 2013?

    Hmmmmm...............................................................Wow! I'm stumped!!

    Now, it's your turn!!

    Oh, and here is the very last composition of the year.

    A Better Day_A Better Way

  • Hortensia

    I moved into a seniors-only apartment complex. I started getting SS payments. I relaxed completely for the first time in my life.I worked four or six days last year -- can't remember whether it was two or three weekends -- made $2300 in addition to my SS payments.

    Finished a writing project, started another one.

    Looking forward to some traveling in January and February. Haven't thought much beyond that.

    Happy new year Terry!

  • goatshapeddemon

    Terry - I love your format!!

    So let me give it a whirl:

    I got a promotion. That's good.

    I'm working way harder at a job I like a lot less. That's bad.


    I started graduate school. That's good.

    I almost went crazy in November because of the stress. That's bad.


    I went on a spring break cruise with the hubby. That's good.

    It was a spring break cruise. As a desk-bound gal in her late twenties who had always *hated* exercising, that's bad.

    So, I decided to start exercising in March. That's good.

    I became a runner and lost two toenails and acquired a perpetual backache. That's bad.

    I ran my first marathon after training for 6 months. That's good.

    It made me never want to run again ever. That's bad.


    We bought a new house. That's good.

    We're 40% underwater on the place we moved out of. That's bad.


    Lessons learned:

    Being given power over people to get them to do things your way is not nearly as effective as learning to persuade them as peers.

    People will continue to seek power over influence because it feels better for the short term.


    Looking forward to in 2013?

    Deepening friendships with "worldly people" who've been friends to me.

    Running another marathon that isn't quite as miserable as the first.

    Putting up Christmas lights next year, just to be offensive. :-)

  • d

    In 2012 and into 2013 I am still in school and I hope to continue my academic goals.

  • d

    In 2012 and into 2013 I am forever learning more about myself.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I have become less resigned to my new life and more accepting. Terminology with a difference.

    I have written more, assisted many fellow writers, gotten paid little . . . money doesn't matter.

    Money does matter, of course, but it comes and it goes: there's never enough. Deal with it.

    I eat well, I pay the rent, I have something left over to share. What else is there?

    People come before things. Doing kindness to others is what it's all about.

    When you're lost, one of those people may show you the way.

    Happy new year, Terry!

  • Tameria2001

    Let me see, I survived a teen age storm of moodiness, I have two teen sons. I went through another year proving that I could do what I was told I could not do. I really hate it went people tell me that I will fail at something. It makes me more determined to just show them that I can. I don’t know what 2013 will hold for me, I have not set any goals at this time.

  • Terry


    These were great responses. I'd love to read some more!

    Thanks all!

  • blondie

    Terry I’m glad your infected jaw is better. All the best for the new year.

    This year has been good for me. As I explained to a lazy friend who calls me a lucky bastard - the harder I work the luckier I get.

    During 2012 I made a point of turning down invitations from people that I don’t enjoying being with, and seeing more of the people who are worth seeing.

    I have become more reflective and aware of how wonderful being alive is. It is too precious to waste with people who are boring, or perhaps I mean selfish.

    My excuse to them - I don’t need an excuse - this is my life. I just say that I prefer to be at home, alone if necessary.

    As you Americans love to say, “Go figure.” Sometimes it's the simple things that that bring the most satisfaction.

    I have not walked as much as I usually do, so today I went on a long hike with my very fit and determined wife.

    We are resolved to do more walking, rambling and less drinking this year. To be more precise in how we spend our time and who we spend it with.

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