GIVE A PITHY recounting of what 2012 did to or for you life!

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  • moshe

    Terry, you quit Half Price Books? How will anyone be able to find the good books now?

    I went on the road in 2102 working as a nuclear instrument tech- something I did 20+ years ago. I made a lot of money, but really missed my family. The longest I was gone was 5 weeks. I worked about 22 weeks and made as much money as I made the previous 3 years doing temp jobs in Florida-

    But, stick a fork in me, I am done now , kaput- I signed up for my Social Security in mid November and my company laid me off 4 days later ( out of the blue)- talk about timing.

    Social Security has a soft spot for retirees like me who are still raising a child- you get extra checks- one for my daughter (until 18) and one for my non-working wife (until the daughter turns 16)- as the caregiver of my dependent child-

    I won't just sit home, I have a plan for a partime seasonal maintenance job close to the house- fresh air, nice scenery- a fun place to work, so they say-

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Pithy and positive:

    I'm one year closer to having my degree.

    I didn't set foot in a KH or Assembly Hall all year.

  • linuxbob

    Took up playing ice hockey - good

    pinched my sciatica nerve - bad

    went bad to skating and feeling better - good

    underwater in my mortgage - bad

    telling my wife's elder I'm not starting a study - good

    the expression on his face - priceless


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    2012 Highlights:

    The Good

    My first year as Operations Area Manager with my new company went very well. Had a new healthy grandson born. Met a beautiful Asian angel. Played on a softball team for the first time in years and played very good. Had a very good year investing.

    The Bad

    My youngest brother died suddenly. Had several injuries playing softball too hard. Hadn't been sick in several years, but finished 2012 with a bad case of flu.

    The Ugly

    An ugly bloke like me landed a very hot & beautiful woman.

  • cofty

    This year I had major surgery for cancer - that's a bitch

    Tests show its in remission - that's tentatively reassuring

    No medical bills thanks to the NHS - that's happifying

    I had to give up football coaching for most of the year - that was bad

    I got a call just before the holidays inviting me to take up a new coaching role - that was exciting

    My son got back safe from Afghan - that was very good

    My daughter got a new job and moved away - that was great for her and a bit sad for me and Mrs C

    My daughter broke her arm - that was bad

    She moved back in for a few weeks :)

  • Lozhasleft

    Good thread Terry

    In 2012 I graduated with a First Class Honours degree at University

    I was accepted onto a Post Graduate Teaching Degree

    I found that time does indeed heal and recovered even more from the damage of the WTBS

    I was given the all clear from my cancer

    I celebrated my 60th birthday

    2013 if my God is willing

    I start lecturing at University this month (gulp)

    I look forward to a 4th year of marriage to my wonderful hubster

    We are planning some extensive foreign travel

    Loz x

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    went to Florida - good

    went to Alaska - really good

    had to pay for Florida and Alaska - painful

    all in all I had a really good year, here's hoping for a great 2013

  • Berengaria
    I went on the road in 2102 working as a nuclear instrument tech
    Who can compete with Moshe's time travel???
  • moshe

    2102- sure looked OK when I proofed it!!!



    2012 was the worst year of my life!

    * My lovebird died. He was 12 years old and never sick. I took him out of the cage and looks like he's dazed. He flaps his wings out, spins in a circle and is gasping for air. He dies a couple of seconds later. I bought him as a baby. He sat on my shoulders and slept in my hands.

    * My uncle passed away after serving the WTS over 50 years. Never got to see the '' new system. "

    * My mom, mother-in-law, brother and uncle all were in the hospital during 2012. We spent close to 30 days in all visiting them and many times not sleeping or having time to eat because of going to/from hospital.

    * Choked on a piece of bread. Luckily I didn't panic and stuck my finger down my throat to dislodge the bread. No one was home at the time.

    * Was diagnosed with sleep apnea and tinnitus. I sleep with a cpap machine and have constant ringing in my ears which I'll have the rest of my life.

    * Had the worst year in business with everyone trying to save money due to the economy.

    * Didn't go on my planned 10 day vacation with everyone so sick. Sat home and did nothing.

    * Lent my daughter money to purchase a new home. Her bank didn't come through at the last second to close on the purchase. So we took out home loan help her close. She cannot get a new mortgage until she lives in home for six months. Hope I see my money soon.

    * Fell and hurt my back. Have a herniated disc which I will not repair. Hope I can live with the pain.

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