India Buys New Fighter Jets from Russia

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  • fulltimestudent

    The Wall Street Journal Reports that India has again made a decision to buy 42 Russian Sukhoi Su-30 MK1 fighter jets that will be assembled in India. Additionally India will buy 71 M--17 V-5 helicopters. Another deal was signed for Russia to manufacture the Ka and Mi brand of helicopters in INdia

    The deal was signed during President Putin's recent visit to attend the 13th Russia-India summit and continues India's longstanding defence ties with the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. India is Russia's biggest weapons customer.

    Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh commented that Russia was a key partner in India's defence preparedness.


  • Bobcat

    Here is a video of it for any interested.


    I was trying to see from the video if this version had the thrust vectoring nozzles but couldn't tell. I think the competition was the FA-18 and Rafale.

  • hamsterbait

    Yet every year the UK givesĀ£200 000 000 in aid, (Idont know what the US or other countries give)

    And still these "charities" are asking for yet more of our increasingly less money to help the starving in India. A country with more BILLIONAIRES than the US.

    THEY DONT NEED OUR MONEY. Let the government starve their subjects. Then maybe they will wake up and get an administration that cares for EVERYBODY in the land not just the rich.

    Why doesnt India invest in its OWN industry to design AND build the damn planes and give work to its people? Would outsourcing in this case really be cheaper in the long term?


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    It's sick that a country with that many people living in virtual starvation has the ability to purchase such expensive weapons, without the entire nation rebelling. I guess it's part of the ongoing war with Pakistan

  • Bobcat

    Why doesnt India invest in its OWN industry to design AND build the damn planes

    Actually they do. HAL (Hindustan Aero Limited). There are several lesser ones also. And they might be license building these aircraft or parts of them from Sukhoi. I think they also have an indigenous (or several) fighter aircraft. But nothing that matches the SU-30. They probably see the SU-30 as a counter to Pakistani F-16s and Chinese SU-27s and JF-17s. India and China are not the best of friends. (Unless something has changed recently.)

  • Scott77

    Interesting thread. Aid is a political tool. Russian fighters jets will be quarranteed with spare parts. The US is known to impose sactions to some countries. I think this could be one reason.


  • erbie

    Yes hamsterbait, the UK does give far too much money away and it is bleeding us dry. We are being taken for a ride!

    The whole world knows it.

    Every time I travel abroad I have people telling me how 'naive' and 'gullible' the British are.

    We try to think the best of people and expect the same of them but sadly they do not always play by the rules.

    I know that the US is always trying to help struggling countries also but I do wonder how long it can all continue as many of these countries have tapped into our weakness (the Christian ideal) and know that they are on to a good thing.

    And they milk it!!!

  • designs

    According to a friend who travels to India on business as a real estate business consultant India is one of the more corrupt countries she has to navigate.

  • Bobcat

    Here is another interesting article concerning the Indian Su-30 MK vis-a-vis the F-15.

    And here is a discussion of it on an aviation forum with numerous further links.

  • fulltimestudent

    Thnx for adding that info, Bobcat. It's interesting!

    Someone drew my attention to the manouvrability of the Sukhoi fighters some years ago.

    Here, a US airforce guy discusses it:

    And, of anyone is interested in a comprehensive look at the development of the plane (and the company that made it) here's the first of a four part series detailing it.

    Western propaganda consistently downplayed the Soviet side in the cold war. Its rather clear that in a conventional war, the Russians may have won.

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