WTS closes/dissolves 435 congregations in 29 countries

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    It`s called Negative Growth..The WBT$ is Still Growing!..

    It`s a Sign the "Doors to the WBT$ Ark"..

    Will soon be under water Closed!.

    There`s still time to..

    Board the WBT$ Ark!!..


    ................................ mutley-ani1.gif ... OUTLAW

  • frankiespeakin

    The Governing Body is like the people on the Titanic running to get the best free rooms just before it sank. To borrow an expression used by JWs to express thier setiments of getting a better job, house or car in this system of things.

  • Apognophos
    What the hell happened in Poland??

    Isn't it obvious? During the double-checking process, the lead brother was supposed to assign each of the countries to various members of his team to verify the numbers. But he forgot about Poland. Sorry, I'll let myself out.

  • jgnat

    Just two years ago they were building. Did they close the others to fill this one up?


  • FadeToBlack

    From what I have seen here in Poland, they are not closing any halls or selling off any property. They are simply combining congregations with low attendance. In my case we had 2 congregations sharing the same hall with supposedly about 80 pubs each , but usual meeting attendance was about 50%. They said it looked bad for new ones coming to see only 40 people in the hall (not that any new ones ever came when I was there) and now it is more impressive to have a packed hall. It also helps with expenses (don't have to heat up the hall so many times per week for example). It is just reverse spin. Before , it was smaller cong's allow for more individualized help. Now, it is 'feel the love' of so many of JHVH's people in one place.

    For me it was a good excuse to stop going - I can't handle being in a small room with so many people. So far, nobody has called me about it.

  • Vidiot
    cedars - "This report unravels more and more with each passing day. Whichever Bethelite is responsible for stitching it together should be put on janitorial duty."

    Probably already was; that was what qualified him.

  • frankiespeakin

    We need to cut the Governing Body some slack on the choices they got for choosing the bro to compile the report.

    They have a ever shrinking work force of yes men to choose from, this has to weigh in heavily on intelligence too, since they don't like science and higher education, it really narrows down the quality, just take a look at thier internet appearence what a shamefully drab and borring"official" web site, putting out zanny ideas of delusions for every one to see, and don't get me going on Sparlock and making sure those that cannot hear get the message about the evils of masturbation video.

    So basically the Governing Body are bunch of delusional intellectual idiots surround by other delusional intellectual yesmen type idiots, so they got no one to tell them when they are delusional because they are the "faithfull and discrete something or other. Sorta like ignorance X ignorance = ignorance^2.

  • sir82

    By the way, there were probably thousands of congregations dissolved over the past year, you just can't tell by looking at the report.

    If, for example, in Country X, 30 new congregations were formed but 20 were dissolved, you'd only see the net [+10] in the numbers in the Yearbook.

    The numbers you cite are only for places where the number of dissolutions exceeded the number of new congregations formed, yielding a net decrease.

    And as many others have noted, the numbers for Poland seem suspiciously high. Probably a typo or an incomplete report.

  • frankiespeakin

    Maybe the Governing Body was useing Poland as a test to see what happens when you go through a country disolveing congregations by combining publishers and then do some sell offs.

    Sorta like a test running a survival plan for when things get worse and people start leaving in droves.

  • Joker10

    The report also shows 5 less congregations in the Netherlands because the statistics for St Martin are no longer included with that of the Netherlands. St Martin now has its own separate report.

    The same goes for St Barthélemy. St Barthélemy is now seperate from France in the report.

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