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  • 00DAD

    This isn't actually my 77th rant. I've completely lost track of all my rants. I'm quite sure I'm way passed 77 by now. Who knows ...?

    No, I'm just riffin' on Jesus' alleged response to Peter's weasely attempt to appear forgiving while in reality avoid being so. Peter was a model elder, doncha' know! - Matthew 18:21 - 35

    You see, I'm mad. I'm really mad. I'm mad and I'm frustrated. I'm REALLY, REALLY MAD and REALLY, REALLY FRUSTRATED! In fact, I'm furious, beyond words. Still, I'll try to explain; probably my situation will be familiar to many of you too:

    I'm disfellowshipped and as a result am completely shunned by my own family and former "friends." Nothing new there! The so-called "friends" I could do without. Fuck 'em if that's the kind of friends they are! Conditional approval isn't worth the paper a WT magazine is printed on.

    But I do love my family, especially my children. And I believe I owe it to my kids to try and reach them. After all, I'm the one that taught them this stupid religion. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but that was before I saw what a pack of lies it all is. Now I know better.

    And so, I'm trying desperately to do what I can to restore broken relationships with those that I love. Yet, no matter what I do, I find that I am constantly being blocked by the un-Christian, unloving, evil and controlling rules of this God-damned religion.

    It's completely absurd that I should be at the mercy of unmerciful men. I seek mercy, but it's not there. It's ridiculous that I need the "forgiveness" of unforgiving people. I ask for forgiveness, but it is withheld from me.

    Why do I need those things? Because, apparently, I need the permission of three men so that I can talk to my own children.

    What kind of God would think up such an arrangement? Not one worthy of my worship, that's for sure!

    The idea that anyone thinks that they have the right to tell an adult who they can and cannot talk to is completely ridiculous.

    If I was ever under the illusion that God has anything to do with this religion, my experience over the last few years has completely shattered that illusion. Shattered it to pieces. My faith is now nothing but broken shards of pale-colored glass. With my every step, I feel that glass being crushed beneath my feet.

    God, if he even exists, has nothing to do with the religion known as Jehovah's Witnesses, nothing.

    No question, no doubts. Don't even gotta' think twice about it.

    It's just so fucked up that this religion holds your own family hostage. And that's what it is: A hostage situation. I'm going in, undercover.


  • tornapart

    You're right 00DAD.. God has got absolutely NOTHING to do with this religion. It's all a sham like all other religions. Reading the words of Christ and the love and compassion he showed negated ALL religion (including the Hebrew one he belonged to).

    True christianity does not behave like this. It doesn't tear parents and children apart. It doesn't force people to follow men. It shows love, compassion, mercy and kindness.

    My heart really goes out to you 00DAD, having adult sons myself like you, I can't begin to imagine how unbearable it must be!!

  • 88JM

    I can't imagine how painful that is. Anyone can see you love your kids, and I would be doing the same thing as well, trying to get them out of this crazy cult.

  • mouthy

    It sounds like your angry() No kidding aside. I can feel your pain... Of course you know God is not in that religion
    God is LOVE not hate. But MY advice to you is,NOT to show your anger about it to your kids...Mine dont speak to me
    only on VERY RARE occasions to thank me for the money I put in their bank account.

    But NOW the WT is really pressing the issue that when we leave we are truly evil... All I can advise you
    is when you do get the chance to see.speak,to them let your LOVE shine through. Love does work ( and prayer)
    which it sounds like you have given up. But that is your choice,but because I am a Granny I'm gonna do it for ME!!!
    " Dear Jesus I come before your throne I ask your hand on OODAD.. I dont KNOW him,her in person but YOU
    do, hurt is really eating through the soul. Touch him,her,take away the anger give a clam spirit YOUR SPIRIT!!!PLEASE!

    I ask this in the name above all others JESUS CHRIST AMEN!!!!!


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I need the permission of three men so that I can talk to my own children.

    This is where it screams cult, and yet people hand over their lives and emotional welfare over to the equivilent of a Mayan human sacrifice. There's no upside to it. It's your own life and you are solely responsible for the outcome.

    If any of your family members explained this scenario to a total stranger, they would be called rotten children. That's what the WT did, they took respectful loving children, and convinced them to be the worst kind of children a parent could ever ask for.

    I know how much it cuts to have a child shun u. I watched my siblings do it to my parents in money matters, and every other family member considred my siblings dirtbags, for withholding visits from their own parents for any reason. They are still your parents. Oh but if some old guys in NY suggest such behavior as shunning, the same old men who have been wrong constantly on these issues, who have no idea of your existance in this world, and personaly couldn't care less about you, but yea, they know better.

    I'm on a bit of a rant as well since my SIL wouldn't bend for ending service early so she could meet up with her Mom who is in the hospital. I guess it's end of the month and needed to get her time in. Beoch!

  • wannabefree

    I'm going in, undercover.

    00DAD ... I feel for you, I've followed your personal experiences shared on this board, I think about you when I wonder if the next step is the correct one ... is what I think about the above statement correct? are you going back for family? ... best wishes to you.


  • cyberjesus

    . I'm going in, undercover.

    go over covered

  • erbie

    Its hard to imagine why its even legal to operate the way they do. Human rights???

    Surely it can't continue for much longer.

  • flipper

    00DAD- I feel for you my friend , as you know I'm in a similar situation being shunned by my two adult JW daughters. Even though I'm just inactive and not attending these last 9 years. Going undercover to find things out is good, but be careful STAY undercover because if your cover gets blown then the game is up and will have to start over . Of course like me, what have you got to lose if it starts over- the damned organization has stolen our most precious relationships- those with our children !

    I'm going to be writing a letter to my oldest daughter very soon ( the more mellow of the two girls ) and like Steve Hassan recommended apologize to her if I ever said anything that offended her. Without going into details just tell her that I love her and NEVER would intentionally say anything to hurt her or offend her. And see what happens after sending it. Perhaps by me showing a little humility and falling on my sword ( without compromising my views and NOT going back to meetings ) I may get a response from my daughter opening up communication once again and trying to re-establish rapport. Unless we re-establish rapport our adult JW children will close their minds shut like a brick wall. We need to break through that wall to get their trust first.

    I know it's a time consuming, long road, but Rome wasn't built in a day, you know ? Perhaps you and I can talk and put our heads together with Hassan's ideas and come up with some kind of covert plan to accomplish something. I'm all ears my friend. Hang in there dude- we got your back, O.K. ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wasblind


    Before you go under cover, can't you go the the law????

    If your in the states you have rights under the law

    The WTS always qoute Jesus when it come to obeyin' the law ( oh I forgot, it's a double standard in WT world )

    if you pay child support and want to see your kids you have the right

    It's unfair if a parent has to pay child support, and yet the WTS keep your kids away

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