Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 12-30-2012 (DO YOUR WILL)

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    This paragraph seemed to be just thrown in. Like when someone at the KH tries to make a point work in a talk because they like the point, It just really doesn't flow.

    17. What can help us to avoid becoming ensnared

    by pornography?

    17 Consider, too, how David's example

    of earnestly seeking God's guidance

    can help us to resist the temptation to

    view pornographic images. Read the following

    scriptures, think about the principles

    they contain, and endeavor to discern

    Jehovah's will in this matter. (Read

    Psalm 119:37; Matthew 5:28, 29; Colossians

    3:5.) Meditating on his elevated

    standards equips us to keep free from

    the snare of pornography.

    An Elder commented on this paragraph. He cited Colossians 3:5, and went on to say that " whatever sacred service aChristian may do ( for JW"s this is a prescribed list of meeting attendance, field service, KH contruction or projects, Full time service, donating money, and does not include James 1:26,27 ) while they are looking at any type of pornography is cancelled out. You have NO relationship with Jehovah. " If you have no relationship with Jehovah then you cannot have his Holy Spirit acting upon you. What does this say about decisions made during Elder's meetings, by Elders who are viewing pornography? What about meeting parts given by Ministerial Servants who are viewing pornography? What about counsel given by Elder's who are viewing pornography?

    What does the ' Shepherd The Flock ' book say about those serving as Elders who commit serious sins? How long did they continue the charade of having a relationship with Jehovah? How many decisions devoid of Holy Spirit that affected the flock did they make? What is Jehovah's view vs human wisdom in this matter?

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    The David issue is not over...he is featured prominently along with Manasseh on the importance of forgiveness in a later article.

    Remember neither David nor Manasseh were brought before the judges in the gate on their crimes of adultery/murder with David and with Manasseh, tossing his own children into the fire in worship to a false God/Murder/idolatry. Can you image someone at the kingdom hall saying they did not need to meet with a JC since God had told them their sins were forgiven?

    Look carefully at the Law and there is no provision for forgiveness based on repentance when found guilty of these things for Israelites, only execution. Both David and Manasseh were of the kingly tribe of Judah, where God promised the Messiah would come through the line of David. Do you see favoritism here, I do. What other cases are there in the bible where the rank and file Israelite could be found repentant and not receive the punishment?

    But God did punish the nation of Judah for Manasseh's sins.

    (2 Kings 23:26) . . .Nevertheless, Jehovah did not turn back from the great burning of his anger, with which his anger burned against Judah over all the offensive things with which Ma·nas′seh had made them offend.

    The case of David and Manasseh makes Paul's words (supposed) in 1 Corinithians and 2 Corinthians that the WTS uses to prove disfellowshipping scriptural, just a joke, a lie, and hypocrisy.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    WT also has it wrong in par 6.

    David damn well liked the idea that if he brought down Goliath the reward was that Saul would give him his daughter and riches. Otherwise why would he ask the question not once but possibly as many as 3 times: ‘What will be done to the man that strikes down that Philistine over there and actually turns away reproach from upon Israel?’ (read the entire account for yourself 1Sam 17: 26-30)

    We now know how sex driven a man David was. He accumulated countless women for his pleasure: Saul’s daughter (Michal), Bathsheba, Abigail and numerous other wives and concubines! No wonder Solomon had such a hankering for women—like father like son!

    I too have asked myself this question many a time: What is this obsession that the GB have with David???


    I hear stories all the time about much older men 65+ marrying much younger women 25+. I heard some Elders talking about how many of the GB have much younger wives. It's okay because they are spiritual men. Yes, you heard right. The men were so spiritual, so it is understandable that they would need much younger wives. I am sure in the not too distant past that they would have multiple younger wives. I am sure they would do it now if they could get away with it.

    I am not slamming David. I can't say that I wouldn't have slaughtered some Philistines back then. I might have had a couple wives if it was allowed. I can't really say. I do think that it is misleading to hold David up as a standard and slam Solomon when David was just as guilty...

    I think it is just an instance of the WT leaders printing specific articles about people in leadership positions screwing up. Then they can say that all the good people respected God's annointed leaders regardless. That way good dubbies who have their children molested will think twice before suing them.

  • PaintedToeNail

    I always hated it when the borg used David as a shining example faithfulness. It always seems ridiculous, isn't there anyone else they can use?

  • blondie

    Great comments everyone; and strength to those who still attend.

  • promised_presence

    why did they have to put pp.16,17 together? Its like they were thinking 'yeah marry only in the lord and if you're single don't think your miserableness excuses a lil' porn'


    Good point P.Prescence. It was just off..

    I wonder how many Elders are involved with porn. I know some very young Brothers who are Elders. I mean young, like 25. I have known one since they were 5 years old. I know what they joke about.. It is just ridiculous that you can be on stage at a CA or DC because you are sooo spiritual, yet you tell stories to the boys about your nympho wife. I don't expect perfection, but geeze........

    As long as you are a company man, and get the needed stats, it's all good.

  • tornapart

    And the concluding song was 'Listen, Obey and be Blessed'!!! After seeing Cedar's video a few days ago, I kept grimacing to myself all the way through... it was so painful to hear!!


    Listen, obey, and be blessed is ok for me, as long I think about Jesus. I cannot stand " Ever Loyal " it makes me ill....

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