Be Careful, Demons are in EVERYTHING!

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    Demons make you Late..

    For the Kingdom Hall!!..

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  • dazed but not confused
  • MrFreeze

    I'll be honest, my brother and sister did a lot of hallucinogens. They both slept in the same room during that point in their life. They would run out of their room screaming that they saw one thing or another. My mom was always convinced it was demons. She had no clue they were on hallucinogens. She would search the entire room for any books or anything that could be deemed demonistic. Goodbye Goosebumps books.

    My brother and sister also claimed they've seen a lot of ghost activity in my house. Not sure why there would be ghosts. Nobody lived in that house before us. Not to mention that, as I mentioned before, they had taken a lot of hallucinogens.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Meet my son......

  • WTWizard

    I remember when I was going into the cancer, the dingbat that dragged me in wanted me to throw away my music so jehovah would preserve my home (which was not perfect anyways). That scumbag would threaten that jehovah would take his angels away from me unless I complied with things--and that the angels would leave (good riddance) if I did anything slightly wrong or didn't stay out in field circus. I only wish those filthy angels would leave and stay out--and get themselves bound.

    In the meantime, other witlesses were afraid of being anywhere near a fire or other emergency scene because of Demons. Don't they get it that a few hundred meters is nothing in the spirit world? If a Demon was going to get you from 100 meters, what would stop that Demon from traveling 100 km? Nothing. They are not limited to the speed of light, and can be in more than one place at a time. They also don't need objects to get into your place--if a Demon wants in, that Demon is able to get in with His or Her own power.

    Not that such would do any damage. Satan and His Demons only want mankind to be spiritually empowered, not continually dependent on another being. A Demon would never do anything that would hurt us. Angels, on the other hand, wish to enslave us to joke-hova. They wish to harass us in Satan's name every time we seek Father Satan, and do so to prevent us from contacting a Demon for help. When they do this, people seek Jesus or Jehovah--which keeps them dependent on joke-hova. This is what they want, as we are never able to break free from this enslavement. I would personally want those Demons, and some more--and good riddance to the filthy angels.

    Besides, our problems are usually a result of the angels, religion (and jehovah's witlesses are among the worst in this regard), personal mistakes, incompatibility (another reason to encourage fornication instead of banning it), poverty (these religions preach people into it), and ignorance (which the Washtowel encourages). The poor Demons are inevitably blamed, and people learn to be even more afraid of these innocent Beings. No matter what you bring in, even if you could bring in a Demon (which I believe is impossible), that Demon is not going to cause problems--angels, your religion, and your own stupidity are the real culprits.

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