How old are you?

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    AGuest... You have nothing to apoligise for in my opinion. we all are FREE to accept each others as they are
    I was being rude to you when I tried to tell you that a slave is NOT GODs way of working wwhen we are
    born agaain we are adopted kids. Please hope you will accept me as I am.
    Thanks you all for your love (flipper & the missus did ya get my card?)

    Mouthy as ever

  • Deceived

    Grace you were the one that told me about this JWN forum and all the forums. I will be ever grateful to you for that and never ever forget you. I just wish I could have met you in person but I got handicapped and can't go places easily anymore.

    If being a Christian makes people like you then I can see why its popular. I still can't seem to accept it for myself, wish I could but you have a great way of looking at it, adopted kids, thats much better than a slave.

    I have always been vain about my age but now I am a senior citizen and why hide it, my body has betrayed me anyway lol. I was 64 in October.

    Deceived by the JW's

    Paula in Kawartha Lakes Ontario Canada

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    23 here.

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    OH Paula ,Thank you so much for that reminder. Makes me feel at least I am here for a purpose.
    Pity you havent "met" Jesus yet. But at least it is great to have you on board. This is family!!!!
    You dont recognise MY GOD! But HE knows you darling... & stands by so if ever you DO want to
    invite him into your life he is willing...I am a bit of a fanatic about him, but then I was a fanatic JW.
    The only thing that has changed is I dont have to believe anything I dont want to. I definatly DONT
    let any man tell me what I gotta do (sorry blokes)
    I love all the blokes on here ( & the dames) But if they tell me something I dont believe I pass on by!!!
    whereas as a JW I listened bcause they were "brilliant men>BARF>>>>stupid me.
    Many still think I am stupid & maybe I am but I.m happy in this state of stupidity.


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    Please hope you will accept me as I am.

    Of course I will/do, dear Grace (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!) - Goes without saying. I ask only the same of others, in return. Perhaps, then, you might only consider me in, say, nothing more than the place you are right now in relation to JWs: you're free from THAT, and most grateful for it... and have moved to a "higher" plane. And perhaps you sometimes tell some of THEM what it's like for you... and where you are... now. Just know that there are even higher planes that either of us exist on right now. We're just passing from glory... to glory... dear one, and in doing so might feel a sense of obligation to tell those behind what it's like "up here." I do. But our pace... and position... have nothing to do with our age... or even us: we don't choose it; it is given to us.

    Again, peace to you... and I have nothing but love for you, dear Grace. Again, goes without saying. Truly.

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


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    MOUTHY- Hey Gracie, we haven't gotten your card yet in the mail, thanks for sending one ! It takes a LONG time for mail to come from easstern areas all the way to California, especially out of the country. We will be eagerly watchting for it though Thanks ! merry christmas an a happy new years to you my friend ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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    What an interesting thread haha!

    I'm 20 years old, and I've got 2 years out mentally!

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    61 in Fahrenheit, but only 16 in Celsius !

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