Why are Regular Pioneers Increasing?

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  • Gayle

    We know the "bar" for pubs. was lowered, 15 min/month pubs are counted. Increases in pubs are decreasing annually, 1.9% worldwide, .9% U.S.

    Baptisms decreasing annually in U.S. and other 1st world countries.

    Aux. pioneers decreasing, even tho they created a 1 month/yr, 30 hr requirement, but avg. annually is still decreasing greatly (I expect them to adopt a 30 hr Aux. Pio. for 'every' month a yr.)

    Bible Studies "bar" lowered, for acceptable 'door-step' kind, with a scripture read & a sentence from literature at least.

    For Reg. Pio. the hour requirement of 70 hrs/mo started in 1999, 14 yrs ago.

    Why are more "Regular" Pioneering? 6% increase this last year.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Are you sure that the 70-hour requirement started that long ago? I remember it was still 90 hours a month when I left in 2004.

  • Honeybucket

    unemployment rate

    they gotta do something with their time- why not go bug people

  • Gayle

    *** km 1/99 p. 7 pars. 2-3 Adjustment in Hour Requirements for Pioneers ***


    The Society has observed the mounting difficulties faced by pioneers, especially with regard to finding part-time secular work that will allow them to care adequately for their personal needs so as to remain in the full-time service. The present economic situation in many lands has also made it increasingly difficult for others to enter the pioneer work, even though that is their heartfelt desire. During recent months, these and other factors have been carefully considered.


  • Gayle

    Therefore, in view of the above, the Society has reduced the hour requirement for both regular and auxiliary pioneers. Starting with the 1999 calendar year, the requirement for regular pioneers will be 70 hours each month, or a total of 840 hours for the year. The monthly requirement for auxiliary pioneers will be 50 hours. The hour requirement for special pioneers and missionaries remains unchanged, since provision is made by the Society to help them care for their basic material needs. Thus, they can concentrate more fully on their preaching and disciple-making work.

  • moshe
    Why are more "Regular" Pioneering? 6% increase this last year.

    Perhaps demographics is the reason- the baby boomer retirements are in full force now- and they have time to do the pioneer work- Thanks to the wisdom of the all knowing slave class, the pioneers can set up a table or literature trolley and sit back and let the pigeons come to them. ( dumb people- not birds)

  • Balaamsass

    To me at least, there seems to be a polarization now with JWs. 20-30% seem to be real "Kool-Aid drinkers". Also pioneering is the only way to "move up" in the male dominated tribe for females. Also it seems to me a lot of people on long term disability (mental and otherwise) have been joining in the last 20 years. Two newer publishers in my last hall were nuttier than a fruit cake, on full government assistance and became regular pioneers.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Jeepers, I don't even remember that. Yippee! I'm getting deprogrammed.

    I used to temporary pioneer when I was a teenager. It was 75 hours for the first month, but if you did it two or more months in a row the succeeding months were 100 hours. Seventy hours for regular pioneers seems wimpy to me.

  • Joker10

    There of the factors contributing to increase in Regular Pionners.

    Rising Unemployment worldwide - Unemployment has risen 2/3 of European countries. More time for field service.

    Underemployment - Current situation in America and many other countries.

    Retiring - Aging JW population. More time for full time pioneering.

    New Preaching Methods - Internet providing easy and quick access to publications allowing for more on-the-spot preaching opportunities; Skyping with family and friends; Telephone calls.

  • Band on the Run

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