JW's Sandy Respond Show off

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  • cobaltcupcake

    I couldn't watch the whole thing. It's another "hurray for us" moment. Sure, in a disaster situation it's easy to volunteer a day or two to show brotherly love, but what about day to day? That's where the rubber hits the road.

  • HBH

    Yea, getting that helocopter thru the needle's eye could be a problem.


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Thanks for posting the disaster relief movie "Mormon Style" SHADOW. . . I get the impression WT hired the same production company. . .

    Makes me feel like saying , "This is what you shitheads should be doing all the time! Where are your food banks? Where are your homeless shelters?"

    I really wanted to puke when I heard witnesses crowing how much "better" they got the job done than other agencies. . .

    Can you imagine someone from the Red Cross or Habitat For Humaity saying "We really kicked JW ass today. . . Got soooo much more accomplished than they did"?

  • wasblind

    Not impressed

    " If Someone Says : ' Why don't you people get involved in doing things to help make the world ( the community ) a better place to live ?

    You Might Reply : We help people to apply Bible principles in thier lives in order to get to the root of the matter on a personal basis; also, what God's kingdom will do."________Reasoning book page 207

    Bottom line: They use disasters to gleen their sheep of insurance money, Everybody else, wait on the Kingdom


  • RedhorseWoman

    A video of what they did? But, but, don't JWs claim that they always perform their charitable works in secret and don't "blow their trumpets" as those false religions of the world do? I am SO perplexed...

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Yeay, I wonder if the Mormon helping hands and the disaster relief JWs faced up in the street. Wheelbarrows crashing, janitor equiptment being thrown like javelins.

    Two guys,a pioneer and a woman in a yellow vest fighting over a piece of wall insulation.

    The other thing that always makes my stomach flip is the numbers. The WT always quantify exactly how many homes they have helped in. No doubt there is a brother with a clipboard noting every hour spent and claiming the credit for it. I love the fact they respond but hate the shameless favouring of there own, and the fact that as soon as the event was forecast they started to make a self-congratulatory video. Ah, the love.

  • wasblind

    A video of what they did? But, but, don't JWs claim that they always perform their charitable works in secret and don't "blow their trumpets" as those false religions of the world do? I am SO perplexed..._______Redhorsewoman

    The WTS not only blow their trumpets. They jump up and Fart. Braggarts

    the smell alone WOULD leave one perplexed

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    The JW's have no clue that the more times they say organization, organization, organization......people hear cult, cult, cult.

  • WTWizard

    What if they had been better prepared instead of being guilted into pious-sneering? This should serve as a lesson--there were storm warnings for days in advance. The ones that had good LED headlamps, flashlights, and lanterns with plenty of rechargeable batteries for them were better off. Yes, they still lost food from spoilage and yes, they still were chilly at night. But, had they simply stocked up on batteries, lights, and chargers, at least they could see at night. It is surprising how little light from a Petzl headlight you need to get around with. Better, the Fenix HP20. Get one of those, and you never worry about a blackout as long as you remember to keep ample batteries on hand.

    Another nice thing is a good lantern. The eGear 30-Day lantern is perfect--on low (29 lumens), that thing runs for 30 days continuously on a single set of 3 D batteries (using the low self-discharge NiMH, you only get 80% of that but your batteries are reusable). Get about 4 or 5 changes of NiMH batteries, and you are good to go. Best of all, these things are not so expensive to buy or run that the average person is priced out.

    But no, the witlesses are so bent on focusing on field circus. What would have been a nuisance becomes a disaster. They let jehovah take care of things, and it never does. Rather, that thing lets people flounder--just surviving is enough for that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag. For the price of just 12 of those NiMH low self discharge batteries and a nice lantern, you get light enough to last nearly 90 days to get around with. Even on the highest output, a change of batteries lasts almost 3 days--expect 60 hours with the low self-discharge NiMH. With typical usage, that is enough to get you through a month with 4 changes of batteries (and with the headlight, you could get even more). Try that with pious-sneering. I doubt jehovah would do that for his witlesses.

  • notjustyet

    I liked the little boy at 5:00 saying that the "Circus Overseer" was helping them out.


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