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  • moshe
    " Is this a joke?"

    yes, you hit the nail on the head-

  • tornapart

    00DAD.. I just read those articles you posted the link to and I noticed in there it said ' The researchers concluded that music may inhibit cognitions that result in dissonance reduction.' That gave me a OMG moment.. they've recently started playing Kingdom melodies before and after the meetings now!!

    Is this to help rid everyone of their cognitive dissonance?

  • shamus100

    ** monkey hops on the organ and starts playing phantom of the opera very badly **

    Oh, Torn Apart, don't listen to the haters... go back kitten... go back... you can pet lions and live like a farmer forever and ever!!!! :D

  • bats in the belfry
  • 00DAD

    tornapart, I remember that Steven Hassan talks about the importance of music in cult rituals, which is not to say that all music equates to or creates a cult, but that it is an important part of getting the mind ready for indoctrination.

    Sorry I don't have the exact quote.



    I wondered if there was an insider too! Then again maybe 00Dad is right, if you won't submit then they don't want you anyway?! It is just so bizarre, talk about having your mind blinded... Some days my mind and heart cry out " Why?! How much longer?!! "

  • tornapart

    ROFL Shamus!! You are seriously funny Monkey Boy... hahah

  • tornapart

    DD... just try and chill bro... you can do this... I can do it .. you can do it... we're together on this yes? We'll get our loved ones out if it kills us... well lets hope it doesn't.. but you know what I mean!

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    I'm curious as to what these new tractazines look like. I hope someone posts a pic soon. I'm definitely not going to a Kingdom Hall to get my copy.

  • problemaddict

    Wow. I had to go read it for myself. Hard to believe it is so cleanly laid out like that?

    I can imagine my conversation with an elder. "So brother inmybiz, would you say my doubts would maybe one day be solved as the light gets brighter? Yes? Well I like this young brother am disappointed by that explanation."

    I dug deeper into the teachings of my faith and also consulted with responsible Mormon Church leaders. I was told that the answers to my questions involved mysteries that one day would be solved as the light became brighter.

    Disappointed by their explanation, I looked more closely at myself and my reason for wanting to become a Mormon missionary. I realized that I was attracted to the idea of becoming a missionary just as I would be to any other humanitarian cause.

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