who are your favorite preachers? here a few of mine!

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  • happytobefree

    Joel Osteen is wonderful for new Christians and he definitely serve a purpose. You don't need to fire and brimstone to scare you into serving God.

    But the preachers that I love are:

    1. Dr. Leslie Smith (my preacher)

    2. Tony Evans

    3. Charles Stanley

    4. Jack Graham

    5. Joel Olsteen

  • happytobefree

    and people who love holiness

    ...WOW!!!! I bet you were a GREAT JW

  • Pterist

    Edward Fudge. http://www.edwardfudge.com/sitemap.html

    William Barclay

    Matthew Henry

    Jack Hayford

  • finallysomepride

    This thread should be deleted, for promoting cults

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    for Jgnat

    I'm an agnostic. I watched a recent interview of Rick Warren with the naughty Pierce Morgan ( ) and I really like his personality. Even though I do not agree with things he belives in,. I felt uplifted. Kind of strange for me.

    I also like listening to Depak Chopra and the late Christoher Hitchens and I think the Dali Lama has a special personality.

    But i follow no one. To me they are just interesting people.

  • LV101

    Forgot all about Rick Warren --- I enjoyed listening to him one time and remember that popular book--- "Purpose Driven Life." Have to say he's pretty focused and our main purpose in life is the good news or diciple-making work and not our hobbies or self-interests. Know of a local megachurch that studied his book as a congregation.

    Will check out the Larry King/Osteen youtube.

  • Vanderhoven7

    LV101: Yes Rogers passed away November 15, 2005 and they are still playing his taped sermons. Excellent and solid preaching.

    Pterist: I enjoyed Fudges' "The Fire That Consumes" and other works he contributed to (Four Views/Two Views on Hell). I sent him a copy of my manuscript, "Eternal Torment: Image and Reality"and he actually wrote me back, and encouraged me to get it published. Real servant of God in my books.

  • jgnat

    Rick Warren showed the deference to speak his audience's language. I am pleased, eva luna, that he left you feeling uplifted. So should it always be.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I agree jgnat.

    Rick Warren gives away 91 % of his income to diverce charities. I found that very admirable.

  • LV101

    jgnat --- really enjoyed watching Rick Warren's video/thanks for sharing. Will dig out the book that I raced through.

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